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By Felicity Arbuthnot

“Why should we hear about body bags and deaths … I mean, it’s not relevant, so why should I waste my beautiful mind on something like that …” (Former First Lady, Barbara Bush, Good Morning America, 18th March 2003)

In these days of the tenth anniversary of the illegal invasion and near destruction of Iraq, answers are owed not alone for the dead, but to the cancer stricken, the deformed, to their parents, their siblings and all Iraqis. They were left with a land poisoned by depleted uranium in 1991, the burden ever building over twelve more years of (illegal) US and UK bombings, then the enormity of 2003.

Fallujah’s victims have rightly come under medical and media scrutiny since the US military onslaught of April and November 2004, but throughout Iraq, there have been no reports of areas unaffected.

In context, Dahr Jamail writes from Fallujah, “Official Iraqi government statistics show that, prior to the outbreak of the First Gulf War in 1991, the rate of cancer cases in Iraq was 40 out of 100,000 people. By 1995, it had increased to 800 out of 100,000 people, and, by 2005, it had doubled to at least 1,600 out of 100,000 people. Current estimates show the increasing trend continuing.

The Fallujah health crisis represented “the highest rate of genetic damage in any population ever studied.”

There were numerous reports during the 2004 April and November-December US assaults on Fallujah of, in addition to DU – three times unanimously designated a weapon of mass destruction by UN Sub-Committees – illegal, experimental chemical weapons and napalm being used in the decimation of this city of about three hundred thousand people.

After the second assault, Dr. Saleh Hussein Iswawi of the Fallujah General Hospital told the BBC, “About sixty to seventy percent of the homes and buildings are completely crushed and damaged, and not ready to inhabit … Of the thirty percent still left standing, I don’t think there is a single one that has not been exposed to some damage.”

To continue:  “Liberating Iraqis”, Limb by Limb, Life by Life, Home by Home, Gene by Gene.

By Tony Cartalucci
Global Research, June 22, 2012
As West berates Syria for “killing civilians” Western weapons flow into terrorist hands from NATO. 

The New York Times in their article, “C.I.A. Said to Aid in Steering Arms to Syrian Opposition,” confirms what many have already long known – that the West, led by the US and its Gulf State proxies, have been arming terrorists, particularly the Muslim Brotherhood, while berating the Syrian government for “violating” a UN mandated ceasefire and for “failing to protect” its population.

The Muslim Brotherhood has been combated by nations across the Arab World to stem the tide of their sectarian extremism, violence, and their targeted erosion of secular nation-states. Ironically, the US which has claimed to have been fighting the forces of sectarian extremism and “terrorism” for over a decade now, have been revealed as the primary enabler of the most violent and extreme terrorist organizations in the world. These include, in addition to the Muslim Brotherhood, the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG) in Libya, Baluch terrorists in Pakistan, and the Mujahideen-e-Khalq (MEK) currently based in Iraq and being used as proxies against Iran.

Video: Professor Michel Chossudovsky of Global Research gives perhaps the most comprehensive back-story on Syria’s conflict to-date. 

VIDEO: US-NATO “Humanitarian Intervention” in Syria: Towards a Regional War?

Latest report now available on GRTV
– by Michel Chossudovsky, Nile Bowie – 2012-06-08

The New York Times claims “the C.I.A. officers have been in southern Turkey for several weeks, in part to help keep weapons out of the hands of fighters allied with Al Qaeda or other terrorist groups, one senior American official said,” a unsubstantiated claim that was similarly made in Libya before Al Qaeda flags were run up poles in Benghazi by rebels flush with NATO cash and arms used to collapse the government of Muammar Qaddafi. In fact, it is confirmed that Libyan LIFG rebels, led by Al Qaeda commander Abdul Hakim Belhaj, have now made their way by the hundreds to Syria (and here).

Despite months of the US claiming the “international community” sought to end the violence and protect the population of Syria, the New York Times now admits that the US is engaged in supporting a “military campaign” against the Syrian government aimed at increasing “pressure” on Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. Efforts to impose an arms embargo on Syria is now revealed to be one-sided, aimed at giving rebels an advantage in the prolonged bloodbath with the intent on tipping the balance in favor of Western proxy-forces – not end the violence as soon as possible as claimed by the UN, and in particular, Kofi Annan.

The Times also reported that Turkey has been directly delivering weapons to terrorists operating in Syria – Turkey being a NATO member and implicating NATO as now being directly involved in perpetuating bloodshed in the Middle Eastern nation. For months, Turkey has been allowing terrorists to use its border region as a refuge from which to stage attacks against Syria.

Despite this, however, the so-called “Free Syrian Army,” according to the New York Times, consists of only 100 or so small formations made up of  “a handful of fighters to a couple of hundred combatants,” betraying the narrative that the Syrian government faces a large popular uprising, and revealing that the “Free Syrian Army” is in fact a small collection of mercenaries, foreign fighters, and sectarian extremists, armed, funded, and directed by foreign interests solely to wreak havoc within Syria. It should be noted that these terrorist proxies were organized as early as 2007 by the US, Israel, and Saudi Arabia, specifically to enact regime change and transform Syria into a Western client regime. 

As the West’s propaganda campaign imploded after a torrent of unsubstantiated claims of “massacres” and “atrocities,” all unverified, some in fact being revealed as the work of the West’s sectarian proxies themselves,  it appears that sidelining Syria in headlines while pursuing a clandestine proxy war is now the tactic of choice for the time being.

For the United States to claim Syria has “failed” to protect it population, while simultaneously fueling the  armed conflict it claims it is seeking to end, is not only hypocrisy of the highest order, but a crime against world peace – punishable under the Nuremberg precedent.

9/11 Vancouver Hearings: Expert witness Dennis Cimino testifies on fraudulent flight data recorder (FDR) found at Pentagon — and the impossibility that Flight 175 struck the Pentagon.


9/11 Vancouver Tribunal Judges Alfred Lambremont Webre & Connie Fogal,  June 17, 2012

VANCOUVER, B.C. – The 9/11 Vancouver Tribunal met  June 15-17, 2012 in Vancouver, B.C.

Alfred Lambremont Webre, one of the Judges on the Tribunal states, “As a duly constituted citizen’s tribunal of conscience, the 9/11 Vancouver Tribunal has jurisdiction under natural law and justice;  such as the U.N. Declaration of Human Rights; international humanitarian law such as the Geneva Conventions; and national  and provincial criminal statues prohibiting murder and conspiracy for any jurisdiction whose citizens died in the World Trace Center on 9/11. 

The 9/11 Vancouver Tribunal was convened by a worldwide community of citizens June 15-17, 2012  and via streaming internet from diverse locations around the world including the United States, India, and elsewhere.

During the 9/11 Vancouver Hearings, 19 expert witnesses gave sworn testimony as to names, titles, and implicating evidence for individuals, each of whom acted acted as part of a common plan as a leading co-conspirator in the events of 9/11 and for whom they are aware of prima facie evidence that is sufficient to raise a presumption of fact.



Sorman, Libya

It was a warm early Monday morning along the Libyan coast on June 20, 2011.

At approximately 0200 GMT in NATO Headquarters in Brussels and 30 minutes later in its media center in Naples, staffers finished tabulating NATO’s 92nd day of aerial attacks on Libya, and began to post the data on its website (

Twenty four hours earlier an Atlantic Alliance command unit, located approximately 30 miles off the Libyan coast, had signed off on 49 bombing missions for June 20th, the last day of spring and the last day of NATO’s original UN bombing mandate.

The authority for NATO’s bombing, which killed or wounded between 90,000-120,000 Libyans and foreigners, and displaced more than two million Libyans and foreign workers, was claimed from the hastily adopted UN Security Council Resolutions 1970 and UNSCR 1973. UN resolutions  gave NATO authority to enforce a no-fly zone over Libyan airspace, initially for 90 days. Ironically, that authority ended the day before its bombing at Sorman.

The two UN Security Council Resolutions were insisted upon by France, the UK, Italy and the US, which claimed ”a limited no-fly zone would protect Libya’s civilian population from the wrath of the government of Libya’s leader, Muammar Kaddafi.” NATO  was granted two additional 90 days extensions to continue its Libyan mission which gave its air force until the end of 2011 to continue Operation Unified Protector.

It was early Monday morning, June 20, 2011.

Sorman Libya.

A quiet and peaceful Libyan town, Sorman is located 45 miles west of Tripoli, near the Mediterranean coast, in the Zawiya District of the Tripolitania region in northwestern Libya. Many of the town’s children grew up exploring the magnificent 3rd Century  Roman Ruins at nearby Sabratha. Some archaeologists consider Sabratha, located almost in direct line with Rome across the Mediterranean, and built on a high cliff above the sea, as the most complete extant Roman architecture. Only a small part of this large Roman city has been excavated.

This observer has visited Sabratha a few times since the mid-1980’s, and each visit presents more awe. Families from Sorman and nearby villages regularly visit and picnic there.

In the early hours of June 20, 2011 it was dark in Sorman except for some muted half-moon light. A few dim street lights provided some light as residents began to rise and prepare for the Al Fajr (“Dawn”) prayers.

At the homestead of Khaled K. El-Hamedi, the 37 year old President of the International Organization for Peace, Care & Relief (IOPCR), one of Libya’s most active social service organizations, everyone was asleep following a rambunctious birthday party for his three year old son. The Hamedi family members included Khaled’s three year old son Khweldi, five year old daughter Khaleda, his beautiful pregnant wife Safa, his aunt Najia, and his six year old niece Salam, among others.

At NATO’s Control and Command Center, the 49 bombing missions planned for early morning of June 20, included a target at Sorman, which would push the number of NATO reconnaissance sorties over Libya to 11,930. This number would become 26,500 by midnight on October 31, when NATO officially ended  its air campaign.

The day’s bombing sorties would raise the tally of rocket and bombing targets to 4,521. This figure would increase to more than 11,781 by late fall, when NATO was instructed to end Operation Unified Protector.

NATO’s prepares to bomb Dorman’s “command and control center”

Before the bombs were fired at Khaled K. al-Hamedi compound, NATO staff conducted a six step process the first of which was surveillance using the MQ-9 Reaper UAV, which sometimes is also used to fire missiles. Also above Sorman was the Predator drone with full-motion video. During June 19 and the early hours of June 20, the drones locked on the Hamedi homestead target and relayed updated information to NATO’s command center.

The Hamedi home was not what NATO labels a “time-critical target,” so there was plenty of time to transmit information about the site from unmanned reconnaissance aircraft to intelligence analysts. Almost certainly, according to a source at Jane’s Weekly, NATO UAV’s watched the Hamedi compound over a period of days, and presumably observed part of the birthday party being held for three old Huweldi, the day before the order to bomb was issued.


Go to this link at Libya Against Super Power Media for the full panoply of action on the Libyan Resistance. I’m having trouble copying it, but everybody’s got to see it. There’s more photographs and videos to illustrate every bullet of the story. It’s terrific!

Libya resistance news: 07. January 2012.
23h/ #Libya #Afghanistan #Sirya #Iran #NATO killing machine #LIVE #video . Well. At least they’re enjoying themselves. It must be such a pleasure to blow up people without having to see the carnage on the ground, without knowing about these anonymous spots and their families. Yep, that’s humanitarian work for them. – >

Libya becoming like Mali — thirst -no water -no electricity -shortages of food etc.. Gaddafi will be considered God-like one day by Libyans, after NATO finishes with its pro-democratic ‘reforms’

22h/ Jordan : Apparently 13 000 injured Libyan ‘rebels’ are crowding hospitals of the Kingdom of Jordan alone, which led to the inability ofJordanians to be treated at their own state hospitals cause they are completely filled.

21h/ Tripoli – Sounds of gunfire in the glorified Tajoura. Eye-witnesses confirmed the passage of a convoy of seven cars now heading to Tajoura, bulls from Friday Market.

20h/ No water in Tripoli – thanks to NATO incited ‘ revolution ’. This is the only water in Tripoli at the moment, demand for it is increasing dramaticaly.. People are thirsty, dirty, don’t have water to cook food, to wash babies, patients, hospitals in 21st century etc – but they have DEMOCRACY? O, no, wait, not even that..

19h/ Even Libyan rebels are exposing lies of Iman Al Obeidi (the most famous fake ‘raped victim’ in the world, the protege of Hillary Clinton)

18h/ This divorced lady, a mother for 3 handicapped kids she lost her house after the NATO and it mercenaries bombed the house and destroyed it so now she is in the street without home and nobody care about her from the NTC member!

17h/ BREAKING NEWS Libya : So-called ‘democracy seeking’ revolutionaries have severely beaten Al Arabiya TV cameraman Muhammad Al Samuni after they recognized him, he is now at the headquarters of the so-called security apparatus in Tripoli

16h/ Scandal Must See This is how much “REPORTERS WITHOUT BORDERS“ are objective!! Look at their festivities card!!

Reporters without borders of shame

14h/ NATO countries are being shipped oil, (also to gas and oil rich Qatar)free of charge under a payback arrangement with NATO for its regime change services.

13h/ Post-Gadhafi Libya: Naked Neo-Imperialism

12h/ Muslim Brotherhood Strongest Contender in Libya’s Coming Elections – The reason is that the new Election Law bars any Candidates who have participated in Libya’s government in the past 40 years. That eliminates all candidates who have lived inside the country. the MB is in such a relatively strong position is that is has the support of Qatar, and assistance from the well-established MB organizations in Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco, Algeria, and Turkey. The flights arriving in Tripoli from Egypt are always full.

Some US officials are reported to believe that an unstoppable Muslim Brotherhood arc or crescent is quickly jelling across the Magreb, as it grows also in Turkey and that the MB will dominate in Syria when and if the Assad government is toppled. [FRANKLIN LAMB] – >

11h/Libyan Violence and Instability – NATO’s killing machine destroyed 42 years of achievements, benefitting all Libyans. Gaddafi’s vision marked him for removal.If Western nations matched him, imperial wars would end. So would homelessness, hunger and human deprivation. Instead, “new world order” imperialists want super-wealth and power solely for themselves.
Libya was one of many targets. Others will follow to extinguish freedom everywhere if they succeed. [ Stephen Lendman ]- >

06. January 2012.
24h/ BERNARD-HENRI LÉVY or BHL:The verbal fig leaf for the interests of Zionist AGAIN HAVE OPPINION [ Not just anyone can be The Whore of Babylon ] Qaddafi brought war upon himself, says architect of Libyan intervention – Lévy said, however, that the situation in Syria is different, basically because Syrian revolutionaries did not ask for foreign intervention.

“But if they do, I will most probably do my best to convince Sarkozy to interfere.”

23h/ Tarhouni acknowledged that such a low representation of women in government– only 10% in the NTC vision– isn’t acceptable in a country where women are highly educated and there are “more women physicians than there are men.”

Published Monday, November 21, 2011

A Libyan rebel said that his colleagues cut off three fingers of the right hand of Saif Al Islam, surviving son of late Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi.

He did so, allegedly because Saif pointed his finger at the rebel in a threatening manner. Cutting off fingers and body parts is a hallmark of Al Qaeda behavior on the battlefield. It is considered a war crime.

Ironically, the TNC Rebels who cut off Saif’s fingers want him charged with War Crimes— but all evidence points to significant atrocities committed by NATO and their Al Qaeda fighters– not Gadhaffi’s government.

Meanwhile ‘Al Mashahad Al Leeby’ programme in a joint broadcast with ‘Libya TV’ and ‘Libya FM’ reported that Abdullah Al Zentan said he personally witnessed the “cuting off of the fingers of Saif Al Islam.”

On the other hand, Saif Al Islam himself told Reuters on Saturday he is in good health, and he has wounded his right hand during a Nato air raid.

Saif al-Islam spoke briefly on the bandages on three fingers of his right hand would only say, “Air Force Air Force ..” In response to a question whether he meant the raid to NATO said: “Yes .. a month ago.”

Saif Al Islam Gaddafi and the son of Libyan Intelligence Chief, Abdullah Sanusi were arrested in Ubari in the south of Libya, where he was found hiding in an abandoned house accompanied by a group of his associates.


Sirte, Libya

“Everyone Says We are Rich. Then Why Do We Feel So Poor?”

This observer, with his sandaled feet comfortably dug into the sand of a chilly Mediterranean beach, huddled next to a camp fire with a congenial group of  heavily armed “NATO rebels,” is learning the past eight months for many Libyans who fought with NATO were rather different from what the western media portrayed.

Two of my new acquaintances are from the Law Faculty of re-named Benghazi University (following the 1969 Fatah Revolution its name was changed to Garyounis), and six others who fought in most of the battles in Libya between February and October 2011. 

The meeting was arranged by a rebel commander named “Samal.”  I first met Samal quite by chance at the central bus station in Alexandria Egypt, where as in Cairo, many “NATO rebels” are currently being feted with R & R.  His visit to Egypt was Samal’s first break from eight months of rough military duty, he explained. In his other life he is a part time university librarian who plans to return to his studies once the new academic year begins in January.  Like most students in Libya, he lost a full academic year as schools were closed due to the Libyan uprising and he wants to catch up with his degree program in computer science.

Samal readily admits that he, like many Libyans, was not opposed to Muammar Gadhafi personally so much as those around “the leader” who took advantage of their positions, and committed serial crimes against the public.



Since Colonel Gaddafi has lost his military hold in the war against NATO and the insurgents/rebels/new regime, numerous talking heads have taken to celebrating this war as a “success”. They believe this is a “victory of the Libyan people” and that we should all be celebrating. Others proclaim victory for the “responsibility to protect,” for “humanitarian interventionism,” and condemn the “anti-imperialist left”. Some of those who claim to be “revolutionaries,” or believe they support the “Arab revolution,” somehow find it possible to sideline NATO’s role in the war, instead extolling the democratic virtues of the insurgents, glorifying their martyrdom, and magnifying their role until everything else is pushed from view. I wish to dissent from this circle of acclamation, and remind readers of the role of ideologically-motivated fabrications of “truth” that were used to justify, enable, enhance, and motivate the war against Libya—and to emphasize how damaging the practical effects of those myths have been to Libyans, and to all those who favoured peaceful, non-militarist solutions.


By Stephen Lendman

For over six and a half months, Libyans tied down the world’s mightiest military force despite overwhelming odds against them and enormous loss of life and human suffering.

Established in 1949, NATO was never a “military alliance for peace and security.” It was for offense, not defense. Cold War hysteria was contrived to incite fear and assure an arms race for corporate dominance and enrichment.

Twenty years after Soviet Russia dissolved, NATO interventions under US control threaten world peace and humanity, lurching from one war to another.

Interdicting for corporate predators, it’s a rogue killing machine. Its mission isn’t liberation. It’s slaughtering, ravaging and pillaging for power and profit.

Using a proxy cutthroat mercenary army, Libya was pounded by relentless land and air assaults. A wasteland replaced a once peaceful country. Daily attacks ravage it further.

Corpses pile up on other ones. Human misery is incalculable. Death, disease and starvation haunt the living. Tens of thousands of Sirte residents face ferocious daily terror bombing.

Food, water, medical supplies and fuel were cut off. Indiscriminate mass killing targets civilians. Schools, hospitals, homes and other nonmilitary sites have been destroyed.

NATO’s war on Libya is one of history’s great crimes. Sirte is ground zero, facing genocidal slaughter and mass destruction.