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From Libya Against Super Power Media

I got the news today as the media kept on supplying the new pages of Mustafa Abdel Jalael, the so called head of the NTC and his gang and thugs.

When Jalael was a Minster of Justice during the GadafFI era, Mustafa ordered the killing of 80 African workers in Libya. He ordered the killing of the Palastinian doctor and some Bulgarian nurses. Also he ordered the killing of some Tunisian fishermen near the Libyan Tunisian waters.

Jalael also stored  dead bodies to be held in freezers for weeks, instead of releasing them to the families of the dead (per Islamic custom). When the former Prime-minster of Libya Al Bagdadi gave new powers to this thug, Jalael showed his true colors by stealing millions of dollars from the Justice Department.



Libya: your soldiers are present Libya; Jnudak Hadreen

Libya S.O.S. – Daily News -> :

/ Helicopter landed with eight of the persons parachuted from the air, and Apache circling around skies in Vhlom P Ben Achour, Dahra
1 – bloody day all around Tripoli … heavy explosions shaking the Abu Salim and Ain Zara, Salahuddin and Got Alhaal and the road to the airport …… violent clashes in the tourist area and Frenaj and angle of Dahmani and Vhlom Friday market and Sarraj and Tripoli airport and Republic Street and Gurgi and Aldrebe.
2 – bombing of a traitors car on the road June 11th in Tripoli and the death of them/
3 – two successive explosions in the center of Misurata
4 – clashes between members of the Almgarjh and traitors from Misurata in Sabha, some fights happened around airport as well.
5 – violent clashes on the airport road Bsabha
TUNISIA 16.11.2011.- Protest in front of Qatar embassy in Tunisia– Tunisians protesting against Emir of Qatar
23h/ NATO BOOTS IN LIBYA – As it became known to the public in the intervention involved the following Libya’s land forces of the coalition:
22h/ Breaking news: Dr. Musa Ibrahim is safe in Libya.
Musa Ibrahim, spokesman of the legitimate Libyan Jamahiriyah government and one of the leaders of the Green Resistance is alive and well. Deepest respect to him for staying loyal and to all the martyrs who have given their lives to defend Libya and the Global South –
21h/ Prisoners escaped from Abu Salem NTC bandits cage! Clashes in Abu Salem yesterday and today, was very heavy. Cage does not protect only with 2 guards, council treat all their soldiers and followers on fighting with our brave boys! Prisoners ( Gaddafi supporters, most of them from Misurata),brokened the door’s and killed 2 guards and escaped.
20h/ News who shocked all in Libya- “No Money ,said Libyan ministry” Demonstrations,ahead NTC headquarter’s. No Money… shame !!!! “Shame shame ministry Libyan no money,” the source
20h/ Report Libya :
MISRATA: Misrata was hit by Major blasts as Tribal war continued between Pro-Gaddafi South misrata against North misrata rebel brigade
SOUTH LIBYA: NATO continued airstrikes in South of Libya bombing Tuareg’s bases and military that continue fighting against NTC mercenaries
Taureg fighters continue to fight against the Rebels in Sabha. But NATO airstrikes continue on Southern libya region

SABHA:several clashes between Green Resistance and bandits in the city of Sabha -explosions and heavy gunfire in the area of the airport …
The Libyan sources said the Mujahideen of the tribes Al Mgarhh and Al Qmazfah, held  communications between them to unite and attack bandits in  the Gardah center brings
EAST LIBYA: Cities of Baidah and Derna and Tobruk are preparing for War against Benghazi Brigades. East Libya infighting begins
NTC NEWS: NTC is furious as all brigades refuse their orders.. Belhadj ALQAEDA brigade and Misrata brigade both of them reject NTC
– Misrata brigade declares it will leave the NTC and Continue on its own. Refuses to Integrate with NTC army.
–  EU Representative Met with Different Brigades and especially Misrata Brigade spoke about Splitting of Libya into 5 parts.
– Green resistance and ARRAI TV discovered document by EU stating a Plan to split libya into 5 parts and Permission by EU for it
– Misrata brigade has executed all civilians that were healed by Red cross and executed Civilians that survived in Hospitals. Misrata brigade has lost many Fighters… but they still have 700 tanks and need to attack new areas as Misrata lacks oil

France’s early September 1793 to late July 1794 Reign of Terror, the period of violence following the initial “success” of the French Revolution was incited by conflict between rival political factions and was marked by mass executions including “disappearances” of perceived enemies of the revolution.

Libya has entered its own La Terreur which is spreading inexorably and is aided by NATO member states including American, French and British SAS units known locally as “disappearance squads”. This is one of the rapidly developing consequences of the UN’s rush to “protect Libya’s civilian population” last spring.

And it is why human rights investigators are arriving in Benghazi Libya this week.
“Approximately 600 miles from Cairo to Benghazi”is what the lovely travel agent who works off Tahir Sq reported, as she cajoled this observer to take a fancy, double decker luxury bus to Benghazi, where I was headed from Cairo. In the end I settled for a dump truck at one-third the cost across the Egyptian and Libyan desert to Benghazi. It didn’t seem such a bad idea following meetings in nearby countries especially considering alternative routes which would have involved flying to Tunis, then another flight to Jerba and then the six hours jammed service ride to Tripoli. I needed to leave right away to meet some prisoners being held in one of Beghazi’s teeming jails.
Until the NTC announced changes yesterday, anyone bearing an American passport did not need a visa to enter Libya so grateful has been the NTC for all the financial help that American taxpayers, largely unknowingliy, have supplied to NTC officials in addition to presenting them with a country with vastoil reserves and zero national debt.
One of the fortunate language usages in this part of the World is the liberal transliteration applied to Arabic, which helps those challenged by the language. But one has to listen carefully in Libya these days to grasp the important distinction between certain English words when referring to the fate of increasing numbers of supporters of the Gadhafi regime.

In the current atmosphere one often hears that someone “has disappeared.” Depending on one’s political views, that is usually good news. It means the person is in hiding or left the area or fled the country to safety. Alternatively, it might be said that a person “is disappeared” meaning that she or he was caught by the new regime and is gone, probably forever, without a trace for loved ones to pursue.

Based on meetings with Libyan evacuees (disappeared) from NATO’s nine months of bombing who are now refugees in nearby countries, as well as meetings inside Libya with incarcerated former officials and family members, and fugitive opponents of the new “government,” it is clear that the current period is cascading into paroxysmal revenge attacks and political cleansing.

Those increasingly being targeted by “disappearance squads” are family members and even former domestic employees such as gardeners, handymen, and household staff of former regime affiliates. Homes, cars, furniture, of former regime affiliates are being systematically confiscated (looted). Torture has become the normal means to elicit information regarding the whereabouts of individuals thought to still be supporting the former regime.The reason, according to one former Libyan official who barely escaped one of the French squads and who now resides in Egypt, “is the same reason drones are so popular with your US military, torture works. Not 100% but it’s better than the other options.”


And now Hillary Clinton has transplanted this Al Qaeda fighting force into Libya– repeating the same behavior that she expounds in this video.

The following videos show Al Qaeda’s presence in Libya– Part 1 includes video evidence of decapitations, castration and lynchings. It’s important to remember that America’s allies in Libya are responsible for these horrific abuses. Sodomy and castration have been frequently used throughout the conflict to punish young Libyan men who refuse to join the rebellion. And these atrocities have continued after the death of Gadhaffi to punish Libyan families who oppose the Transitional Council. For more evidence, go to

<a href="” title=”Al Qaeda in Libya – Part 1″ target=”_blank”>

<a href="” title=”Al Qaeda in Libya – Part 2″ target=”_blank”>

<a href="” title=”Al Qaeda in Libya -Part 3″ target=”_blank”>

Posted on October 10, 2011 by nsnbc
Mahmud Jibril 200 Dead for a One Minute Victory on Al Jazeera

A massive storm on Sirte resulted in the brief occupation of a University Campus and Hospital in the South Eastern Suburbs. After the battle raged back and forth all day, a massive counter attack that left 200 TNC-fighters dead and countless wounded was enough for Mahmud Jibril, who is pulling “the fighters with allegiance to him” out of the battle, calling “the death of over 200 fighters for a one minute Al Jazeera Victory senseless“. Jibril´s decision is one more example that the NATO Narrative is discredited and  of the inherent instability and infighting of the NATO proxy regime. The Libyan war is grinding into a stall, while the humanitarian crisis continues. by Dr. Christof Lehmann

In war nothing can be taken for granted, and even small changes can lead to catastrophic results, stall mates or victories. Considering the fact that the home town of Muammar Ghadafi has been resisting the onslaught of NATO´s colonial aggression for months brings the classic cartoon “Asterix de le Gaulois” to mind, where a defiant Gall village resisted the onslaught of the Roman Empire.

Aterix and the Galls – The Magic Potion of Libyans is the Will to Resist the Colonial Empire.

Even Al Jazeera´s Hollywood Narrative of the attack on Sirte was seriously wounded when the “embedded grand standing” at a freshly captured university campus in the suburbs of Sirte was interrupted with the message “we have to withdraw because there is a massive counter attack coming“. But unlike Asterix, Obelix, and the courageous Galls of the world famous cartoon, neither Muammar Ghadafi nor the fighting military, tribal and popular resistance men have that magic potion that endows them with super human strength. What they have may be even stronger though; the will to resist a colonial empire and it´s army of rack tag rebels and special operations units and NATO´s Air Force. The televised attack on Sirte was defeated. Throughout the day and night Sirte has been under three major and more minor assaults, all of them being resisted. The result of yesterdays fighting, 200 TNC fighters dead, more of them wounded.

A nsnbc source close to the TNC reported tonight at 02.00 GMT that TNC-leader Mahmud Jibril has withdrawn “all fighters with allegiance to him” from the Sirte theater, saying “it was senseless to sacrifice 200 fighters for a one minute Al Jazeera Victory“. Jibril, who recently survived an assassination attempt where seven of his bodyguards were killed is said also to have given the withdrawal order to save his men for an awaiting battle among TNC fractions. According to the same nsnbc source, “an unnamed US Intelligence Agency has approached TNC leaders suggesting the division of Libya into a Northern and Southern state, which would provide the necessary diplomatic context for bringing “UN Peace Keeping Troops” into Libya. nsnbc is currently investigating if any of these propositions are discussed at the African Union.

The war crimes by NATO and the fighters under it´s command responsibility continues, while diplomacy still fails to put an end to the massacres. Before the attack on the University Campus and Hospital in Sirte, a NATO plane bombed a civilian house, killing 22, with 20 others missing.

Near Bani Walid, a convoy of TNC fighters fell into an ambush and took heavy casualties. TNC fighters are in isolated pockets in Bani Walid waiting for reinforcements that don´t come through the Libyan defenses. In Gheryan Libyan forces successfully attacked a military industrial complex that was heavily defended by troops from NATO countries and Qatar. The mission succeeded in destroying key military installations that were used by NATO.

In Bengazi the battle against the heavily entrenched TNC fighters is making a slow progress. One may suspect the Libyan Forces to maintain a relatively passive position, since there is heavy infighting among the surrounded TNC loyal factions inside the city center. According to yet unconfirmed reports there are ongoing negotiations between Libyan Forces and tribal leaders in Bengazi who are ready to change sides in the conflict.

The question remains, if and when a diplomatic initiative will manifest that can bring an end to the appalling humanitarian situation and NATO´s colonial ambitions in Northern Africa. Where is a U.N.-Fact Finding Mission, where is an African Union Observer in Sirte, where are African Leaders with courage to say “enough is enough”. Neither Ghadafi, nor the soldiers and civilians in Sirte have that “Magic Potion of the Galls“. All they have is the will to resist against a war, forced on them under the pretext of saving civilian lives and the hope that Russian, Chinese, and African leaders will realize that failure to end that war is failure to defend their own people and nations.

Dr. Christof Lehmann

By Stephen Lendman

For over six and a half months, Libyans tied down the world’s mightiest military force despite overwhelming odds against them and enormous loss of life and human suffering.

Established in 1949, NATO was never a “military alliance for peace and security.” It was for offense, not defense. Cold War hysteria was contrived to incite fear and assure an arms race for corporate dominance and enrichment.

Twenty years after Soviet Russia dissolved, NATO interventions under US control threaten world peace and humanity, lurching from one war to another.

Interdicting for corporate predators, it’s a rogue killing machine. Its mission isn’t liberation. It’s slaughtering, ravaging and pillaging for power and profit.

Using a proxy cutthroat mercenary army, Libya was pounded by relentless land and air assaults. A wasteland replaced a once peaceful country. Daily attacks ravage it further.

Corpses pile up on other ones. Human misery is incalculable. Death, disease and starvation haunt the living. Tens of thousands of Sirte residents face ferocious daily terror bombing.

Food, water, medical supplies and fuel were cut off. Indiscriminate mass killing targets civilians. Schools, hospitals, homes and other nonmilitary sites have been destroyed.

NATO’s war on Libya is one of history’s great crimes. Sirte is ground zero, facing genocidal slaughter and mass destruction.


By Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey

What do you get when a wannabe imperialist invents a war to get out of trouble at home, straying into deep waters that he neither controls nor understands, getting embroiled in an internecine tribal conflict that spins out of control? The answer to this question is the place where the UK’s David Cameron finds himself now:
a 2-bn. pound nightmare.

Not so many months ago, we had David Cameron and William Hague declaring that the Libya Question was “not about removing Gaddafi” and that all it would take would be an immediate ceasefire from the Libyan Armed Forces. Not so many months ago we had David Cameron and William Hague declaring that the war would cost in the region of 200 million pounds, that there would be no NATO boots on the ground and that NATO would not arm the “rebels”.

What they did not tell us was that the French and Americans had been planning this imperialist little adventure for years–

What they did not tell us was that the rebel flags had been ordered well in advance from a British company–

What they did not tell us was that the entire operation was indeed to remove Colonel Gaddafi, not because he posed any threat to his “rebels” (after all, what do you do when tens of thousands of marauding thugs armed with machine guns take to the streets, decapitating Negroes, chanting racist slogans, promising to ethnically cleanse Libya of Negroes, torching government buildings, raping and killing women and children and destroying public and private property?)

They knew that the decision “to go in” had been taken long before the rebels strafed their own position to blame Colonel Gaddafi,
they knew that their own media had been spreading lies about the Libyan Air Force bombing civilians – the one bombing civilians is NATO.

We saw the British reaction draconian measures – when a few hundred bored schoolkids ran amok in August. One wonders whether Cameron would simply have given up and walked away from Number Ten Downing Street if they had been armed, or if someone had done to his youth what he did to Libya’s.

What they did not tell us was that this entire charade is about removing Colonel Gaddafi from power because his humanitarian and developmental projects in Africa and his plan to launch a gold-based currency, the Gold Dinar, would be too costly for selfish western interests.

What Cameron and Hague did not tell you is that their forces are to spend seven times more of the British tax-payers’ money than they originally admitted – nearly two billion, or two thousand million or 2,000,000,000 pounds… on what?

I will tell you.
* They have strafed the Libyan water supply (war crime) to “break the back of the population”
* They have targeted the electricity grid (war crime)
* They have targeted private homes (war crime)
* They have taken out civilian structures with military equipment (war crime)
* They have murdered children (war crime, and they did not even apologise)
* They have targeted civilians (war crime).
* They then held a conference in Paris to divide up Libya’s assets.

What they have also not told you is that the Libyan Armed Forces are largely intact.

What they have not told you is that parts of Tripoli still fly the Green Flag (symbol of the Jamahiriya, the democratic government which Muammar al-Qathafi advises). What they do not tell you is that there are still green Marches in Benghazi.

What they do not tell you is that Mahmoud Jibril dare not enter Tripoli.

They do not tell you where Jalil (the number 2) came from.
They do not tell you the background of the TNC.
They do not tell you the tribes have voted for Gaddafi.
They do not tell you that the crack desert fighters.the Tuareg, who decide who crosses the desert and who does not, have sided with Muammar Gaddafi against the TNC,
They do not tell you that the Loyalists in Libya include the hearts and minds of the Libyan population whether or not they are taking up arms against the terrorists.

The NATO special forces and this scourge have frightened many into cowering in their homes – but this does not spell support, even tacitly.

They do not tell you they indeed have NATO boots on the ground, breaching UNSC resolutions. They have indeed armed the “rebels” (another breach of UNSC resolutions), and they have indeed employed mercenaries – hundreds of thousands of them (a huge breach of UNSC resolutions).

They have not told you that NATO and its terrorists have suffered defeat after defeat in recent weeks, are unable to enter Bani Walid,
are unable to enter Sirte and the only tactic that remains open is by carpet-bombing any areas of resistance, including homes, hospitals and schools to bomb the terrorists in.

Is that noble? It is a war crime.

It is an act of terrorism and David Cameron and William Hague, along with their French friend Sarkozy and that American in the White House, are using YOUR hard-earned money to perpetrate this outrage, which is sure to cost the UK thousands of jobs as retaliatory measures kick in across Africa.

Sorry Mr. Templeton, we do not have any money for your mother’s cancer treatment, I am afraid she will have to die; sorry Mr. Johnson, there is no more funding for your son’s leukaemia treatment, we do have palliative care, do you know what that is? And as for your now hospital wing, new school, new clinic, a raspberry in your faces as Cameron and Hague stick the middle finger to their own people.

How long does David Cameron think the British population will accept it all with their heads bowed, like a sickening herd of sheep?

The British People will tell you…

by Prof. Ludwig De Braeckeleer

They have eyes to see but do not see
and ears to hear but do not hear

Ezekiel 12:2

The Lockerbie Affair has taken yet another extraordinary twist. On Friday August 31st, I received from Edwin Bollier, head of the Zurich-based MeBo AG, a copy of a German original of an Affidavit.

The document is dated July 18th 2007 and signed by who worked as an electronic engineer at MeBo from 1978 to 1994. I have scrutinized the document carefully and concluded that I have no reason to doubt its authenticity or the truthfulness of its content.

Lumpert was a key witness (N° 550) at the Camp Zeist trial, where a three Judges panel convicted a <a title=”Libya” href=”,13.1833333333&spn=10.0,10.0&q=32.8666666667,Libyan citizen of murdering 270 persons who died in the bombing of <a title=”Pan Am Flight 103″ over Lockerbie.

In his testimony, Lumpert stated that of the 3 pieces of hand-made prototypes MST-13 Timer PC-Boards, the third MST-13 PC-Board was broken and [he] had thrown it away.”In his Affidavit, certified by Officer Walter Wieland, Lumpert admits having committed perjury.

“I confirm today on July 18th 2007, that I stole the third hand-manufactured MST-13 Timer PC-Board consisting of 8 layers of fibre-glass from MEBO Ltd. and gave it without permission on June 22nd 1989 to a person officially investigating in the Lockerbie case,”

Lumpert wrote. (The identity of the official is known.)

It did not escape me that the MST-13 fragment shown [at the Lockerbie trial] on the police photograph No PT/35(b) came from the non-operational MST-13 prototype PC-board that I had stolen,” Lumpert added.

“I am sorry for the consequences of my silence at that time, for the innocent Libyan Mr. Abdelbaset Al Megrahisentenced to life imprisonment, and for the country of Libya.“

In just seven paragraphs, the Lumpert affidavit elucidates the longstanding mysteries surrounding the infamous MST-13 timer, which allegedly triggered the bomb that exploded Pan Am 103 over Lockerbie on December 21st 1988.

In the months following the bombing of Pan Am 103 over Lockerbie, someone discovered a piece of a grey Slalom-brand shirt in a wooded area located about 25 miles away from the town. According to a forensics expert, the cloth contained a tiny fragment – 4 mm square – of a circuit board. The testimony of three expert witnesses allowed the prosecutors to link this circuit board, described as part of the bomb trigger, to Megrahi.

There have been different accounts concerning the discovery of the timer fragment. A police source close to the investigation reported that it had been discovered by lovers. Some have said that it was picked up by a man walking his dog. Others have claimed that it was found by a policeman “combing the ground on his hands and knees.”

At the trial, the third explanation became official. “On 13 January 1989, DC Gilchrist and DC McColm were engaged together in line searches in an area near Newcastleton. A piece of charred material was found by them which was given the police number PI/995 and which subsequently became label 168.” (more…)