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Paul Joseph Watson
May 20, 2013

Underlining once again how the White House is openly seeking to arm terrorists in Syria, video has emerged of one of the FSA rebel groups referring to their unit as the “Osama Bin Laden” brigade.

The clip shows one of the militants proclaim how he is part of “The Osama bin Laden brigade of the Souqour Dimashq (Hawks of Damascus) Battalion…..Allahu Akbar!” as the insurgents prepare to attack a Syrian Army checkpoint.

“Western countries have been claiming that the FSA is comprised of somewhat “secular” people and that jihadists have only joined the fight but they are not part of the FSA. Well, you cannot get more al-Qaeda’ish than calling a brigade “Osama bin Laden,” states the description accompanying the video.

Indeed, while the media narrative has attempted to frame the presence of Al-Qaeda terrorists in Syria under the banner of Jabhat Al-Nusra as a separate entity to FSA fighters, whom the White House is now preparing to arm with heavy weaponry, 29 FSA groups pledged allegiance to Al-Nusra, which was responsible for killing U.S. troops in Iraq, immediately after the group was declared a terrorist organization by the State Department back in December.

A May 8 London Guardian report noted how Jabhat al-Nusra is “emerging as the best-equipped, financed and motivated force fighting Bashar al-Assad’s regime,” and how droves of FSA fighters are now joining its ranks.

This is by no means the first time western-backed FSA rebels have proudly proclaimed their affinity with Bin Laden and Al-Qaeda.

As we reported earlier this year, video footage emerged showing Syrian rebels singing songs in praise of Osama Bin Laden while celebrating the “sweet memory” of the attack on the World Trade Center on 9/11.

“They (Twin Towers) have gone with the blink of an eye, oh how sweet is the memory,” the crowd sings in Arabic. “Our leader Osama Bin Laden, America’s worst nightmare,” the song continues as the crowd cheers, “If they call me a terrorist I will consider it an honor, our terror is blessed, a divine call, Allah is our goal we strive to reach him.”

FSA fighters have also displayed the black Al-Qaeda flag on innumerable occasions, including recently during a series of grisly public executions.

A Syrian rebel quoted by McClatchy Newspapers last year was overheard to remark, “When we finish with Assad, we will fight the U.S.!” Other militants have appeared in You Tube videos speaking of their desire to see the Al-Qaeda flag fly over the White House and impose Sharia law once the rebels are victorious across the region.

Rebels have also been caught on camera burning U.S. flags and chanting anti-American slogans.

The fact that Syrian opposition fighters are increasingly being exposed as sectarian jihadists loyal to Al-Qaeda, in addition to their innumerable atrocities, has derailed the now flimsy narrative that the FSA is comprised of freedom fighters who merely want to topple the dictatorship of Bashar Al-Assad to restore liberty in Syria.

With the Syrian Army winning major battles and reclaiming key areas of the country, the White House and other NATO powers are rapidly running out of time in their bid to oversee a repeat of what happened in Libya, where Al-Qaeda insurgents were also armed as part of the effort to depose Colonel Gaddafi, a process that led to the country being overtaken by brutal warlords and terrorist gangs who later took part in the attack on the US consulate in Benghazi last September.

Despite the fact that FSA rebels are being led and taught how to build bombs by Al-Qaeda militants, the top Democrat on the House Foreign Affairs panel Rep. Eliot Engel has introduced legislation urging the Obama administration to send $150 million in “lethal and non-lethal security assistance” to the insurgents. Earlier this month, Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel said that the Obama administration was “rethinking” its opposition to arming the rebels.

However, as the New York Times reported, the CIA has already been involved in “a secret airlift of arms and equipment for the uprising against President Bashar al-Assad” since early 2012.

Watch a video clip of western-backed rebels singing the praises of Osama bin Laden while glorifying the 9/11 attacks below.


Paul Joseph Watson is the editor and writer for and Prison He is the author of Order Out Of Chaos. Watson is also a host for Infowars Nightly News.

By Susan Lindauer

Most of you know I was the Chief U.S. Asset covering the Iraqi Embassy at the United Nations for 7 years before the War. You know I was subsequently arrested on the Patriot Act, locked up on Carswell Air Force Base, and threatened with forcible drugging to silence me, when the Bush cabal decided to blame Pre-War Intelligence for their catastrophic decision to go to War.
On the 10 year anniversary of the start of the War, it’s worth examining the comprehensive peace option hammered out in the two year run up to the invasion. I was traveling in Minnesota this week for speaking engagements. In a television interview, I discussed the peace option at length.
I hope it will persuade the world to give diplomacy a chance to forestall confrontation with Iran in the months ahead. It’s never so hopeless as you might think.

<p><a href=”″>The CIA Controls Al Qaeda</a> from <a href=”″>Mark Murata</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

July 30, 2012 by

The Near East Division of the Central Intelligence Agency, America’s primary intelligence organization, views Israel as the most serious threat to its secrets, according to an exposé published yesterday by the Associated Press. Citing interviews with at least five current and former US intelligence officials, the news agency said the CIA views the Israeli spy community as “a genuine counterintelligence threat” to US interests.

The intelligence officials, who spoke to the Associated Press on condition of anonymity, said the CIA believes US national secrets are less safe in the hands of Israel than in those of other governments in the region, such as Turkey, Jordan, or Lebanon.

The Associated Press exposé will not surprise regular readers of intelNews, as this blog has regularly covered various aspects of the complex US-Israeli intelligence relationship.

Indeed, seasoned readers of may recall that a 2010 survey among officers in the CIA’s National Clandestine Service showed that they considered Israeli intelligence agencies to be the world’s least friendly and most uncooperative with their US counterparts.

The survey also showed that officers in the NCS (the CIA division that includes actual operatives on the ground), also considered Israeli spy services as the world’s third most aggressive in their operations on American soil.

This new report by the Associated Press seems to confirm the NCS survey results, while adding a partial explanation as to why the intelligence services of one of America’s closest geopolitical allies would be considered a threat by the CIA. It is widely thought that Israel’s intelligence agencies can often match —and sometimes surpass— their American counterparts in terms of their analytical and operational capabilities.

These skills, coupled with Israel’s unique access to the inner sanctums of the American national security establishment, place the Jewish state in an unparalleled position to acquire and compromise US government secrets.

The Associated Press report details several incidents of intrusions of homes belonging to CIA personnel operating in Israel in recent years, including the case of an unnamed Agency officer who “came home to find the food in the refrigerator had been rearranged”.

The article mentions a far more serious case of a Syrian scientist and CIA spy, who was the Agency’s sole mole inside the Syrian weapons of mass destruction program during the years of the George W. Bush administration. The scientist disappeared after the Israeli government seemingly leaked information to the media about a CIA mole operating inside the Syrian WMD program, in an effort to pressure Damascus to abandon it.

Lior Weintraub, Chief of Staff at the Israeli embassy in Washington, DC, called the Associated Press article “baseless and contrary to the spirit and practice of the security cooperation between our two countries”. The CIA declined comment.


Because Ignorance is bliss:

(My name should be on this list!)  Enjoy!


      By Susan Lindauer, Former CIA Back Channel to Iraq at the United Nations

Most Americans are astonished to discover that right up to 9/11, the CIA was developing a “Real Politik” vision of Iraq that recognized the fast approaching collapse of U.N. Sanctions. The CIA was preparing for Peace—with a ruthless determination that the United States would capture the lion’s share of spoils from Iraqi Reconstruction contracts in any post-sanctions period.

German pilots transporting medical supplies and doctors into Baghdad International Airport at the end of the Clinton Administration had blasted the myth of invincibility surrounding sanctions. To this day, those pilots are anonymous—but they changed the equation in total. Their courage honoring the Berlin Airlifts in the Cold War was quickly copied. Across Europe and the Arab world, activists began to organize humanitarian flights into Baghdad. On the Security Council, France and Russia argued strenuously that the ban on air travel had been self imposed, and the no-fly zone could not prohibit humanitarian flights.   

By this time, UN sanctions had killed over 1.7 million Iraqis; wiped out literacy in a single generation; and created artificial starvation in the world’s second most oil-rich nation. Iraq’s world class hospitals that once rivaled London and New York had been ravaged.  Sick of the misery, the global community refused to stay silent any longer.

The CIA saw the writing on the wall. International loathing for “genocide by sanctions” had reached such a peak of outrage that there was no possibility of re-crafting the hated policy. Secretary of State Colin Powell’s vision of “smart sanctions” had come too late.

The CIA was determined to control the agenda for the advantage of the United States, however. And so quietly through my back channel, we undertook a proactive, covert dialogue over exactly what concessions Iraq would offer the United States, in exchange for lifting the sanctions. As a long-time opponent of sanctions myself, I was eager to get results.

That dialogue—even the existence of our back channel to Iraq’s Embassy at the United Nations from 1996 to 2003—was strictly covert, kept close and precious— away from Washington pundits and think tanks whose ignorance would have smashed all progress on the rocks. Our dialogue was no less vigorous for that secrecy.


By Susan Lindauer, former U.S. back channel to Iraq
and the second non-Arab American arrested on the Patriot Act

Once upon a time there was a President named George who wanted to be Emperor. (Not a bad idea. He was a lousy President. He really needed a different job.)

President George had traveled to Mexico—once. So he figured the whole world was pretty much like Texas. He thought about it for, oh, five minutes. What he needed was a country far, far away to invade. Surely those foreigners would be charmed by his folksy swagger (being more primitive and all). They’d appreciate him more than those Gosh Darn Americans, who had awfully high expectations of a President. Why, he imagined these foreigners would bow and scrape and wow over his every golf shot.

So he pulled out a map. And he saw Iraq— with a “Q.” And he asked one of his ministers what he’d heard about this place. The minister’s eyes got bright: “Ohhh,” he said. “Iraq’s got oil and pipelines. We could make some serious profits if we grabbed Baghdad, and tossed its rulers in the trash can of history.”

Well, if there was one thing President George understood, it was oil profits. That’s what paid for those Black Helicopters ferrying rich folks to private parties in Houston. Absolutely everybody who was anybody had a helo-pad on their ranch. So when George heard about Iraq’s oil, he saw his destiny. He would be Emperor of the World from Texas to Baghdad.

President George called all his Republican friends to a Grand Old Party, where he proclaimed his vision. He promised to share Iraq’s oil wealth (so they could ride in helicopters and private jets, too). And he started handing out military contracts by the fistful.

And the Republicans declared, “This is a Democracy. We vote to make you Emperor.”

And George answered, “Amen.”

There was just one pesky Little Female who would not shut her mouth! He called her “Miss Bossy Boots,” and he hated her like nobody else. She was T-R-O-U-B-L-E!!! See, she’d been a covert back channel to Iraqi diplomats at the United Nations in New York years before he ever got to be President. And she shrieked from the rooftops and banged on every door on Capitol Hill, warning this War with Iraq would be catastrophic.


By Stephen Lendman

For over six and a half months, Libyans tied down the world’s mightiest military force despite overwhelming odds against them and enormous loss of life and human suffering.

Established in 1949, NATO was never a “military alliance for peace and security.” It was for offense, not defense. Cold War hysteria was contrived to incite fear and assure an arms race for corporate dominance and enrichment.

Twenty years after Soviet Russia dissolved, NATO interventions under US control threaten world peace and humanity, lurching from one war to another.

Interdicting for corporate predators, it’s a rogue killing machine. Its mission isn’t liberation. It’s slaughtering, ravaging and pillaging for power and profit.

Using a proxy cutthroat mercenary army, Libya was pounded by relentless land and air assaults. A wasteland replaced a once peaceful country. Daily attacks ravage it further.

Corpses pile up on other ones. Human misery is incalculable. Death, disease and starvation haunt the living. Tens of thousands of Sirte residents face ferocious daily terror bombing.

Food, water, medical supplies and fuel were cut off. Indiscriminate mass killing targets civilians. Schools, hospitals, homes and other nonmilitary sites have been destroyed.

NATO’s war on Libya is one of history’s great crimes. Sirte is ground zero, facing genocidal slaughter and mass destruction.