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For five years, Susan Lindauer battled the Justice Department for the right to call witnesses to validate her role as a U.S. Asset engaged in Pre-War Intelligence and the 9/11 investigation. It’s a fight that few Americans could imagine. Shockingly, in this true life spy thriller, EXTREME PREJUDICE discloses how the Patriot Act shielded the Justice Department with secret evidence, secret charges, secret grand jury testimony, secret attorney debriefings, and the extraordinary authority to withhold exculpatory knowledge from the Court authenticating her identity, on the grounds of national security. Her legal fight has been decried as “Kafkaesque,” and “Soviet-style–” reminiscent of the most vicious attacks on Assets during the Cold War.

But could Lindauer really satisfy the Court of her identity? Attorney affidavits and documentation from FBI wire taps of 28,000 phone calls, 8,000 emails and hundreds of captured faxes demonstrate¬† that her story was extraordinary– and fully truthful. EXTREME PREJUDICE argues that the Patriot Act’s ability to confound her natural rights to confront her accusers makes this law a killer weapon to take down whistle blowers and political dissidents. The Patriot Act must be repealed to safeguard America’s constitutional democracy.





Interview with Osama bin Laden, Denying Responsibility for 9/11. Is he securing protection from Pakistan Intelligence by denying his role in the attack? Or is his protest authentic?

<a href=”http://embedded&#8221; title=”Mysterious Deaths of 9/11 Witnesses” target=”_blank”>Mysterious Deaths of 9/11 Witnesses:


I, Susan Lindauer, do hereby solemnly swear this will never be me. EXTREME PREJUDICE reveals how the government tried to destroy me so that I could be silenced. Clearly they failed. If in the future I should die under mysterious circumstances, my supporters can trust with certainty that nothing could ever compel me to commit suicide. Suggestions to the contrary should be scorned.




  1. Isaiah26:3 says:

    Thank you and God Bless You We all must choose in this life whom we will serve , Good or Evil , you have chose well .

  2. History has sometimes overlooked the simplest acts of bravery in the face of oppression and
    tyranny. CIA employee Susan Lindauer’s story deserves not only to be remembered but taught in our high school’s and colleges as a reminder of what the so called: “Patriot Act” truly is, an act of repression towards whistle blowers who expose clandestine operations that are detrimental to the best interests of both the US and a stable world.

  3. Aine says:

    Susan: Yesterday I sent a group email which included one of you videos and links to your site. I also included some of my own commentary on your experience. In my subject area, I wrote: CIA Asset…Susan Lindauer. My Hotmail account refused to send the email because it seem like ‘spam.’ I have never before received this type of message when sending emails for the last 8 years. I then changed the subject line to ‘911 Information.’ I was then able to send the email. However, I was unable to gain access to my email account after that. According to Hotmail, my account access was shut down because ‘somebody was trying to access my account’ and could I please verify my account information. Even though I gave them titles of of the last 2 emails (the ones about you) and at least 3 different email addresses that were used in the group address…Microsoft has refused to give me access to my account. Basically…they have stolen my account and I believe it had to do with sending the email about you. It’s okay…because Microsoft and Hotmail can go f— themselves. I am still amazed at the blatant relationship between the loss of my account and the use of your name and CIA Asset. Just thought I would share my experience with you. It’s outrageous. I will be using that email address (which is useless, now) in your required information needed for posting. However, I will not be using my real name. A

    • My God! Wow! I’m so sorry, A–! I regret any hardship that you or anybody else suffers for standing for truth. Congress is afraid of the American people. They don’t like us. They don’t want anybody questioning them, or exposing the mediocrity of their policy making. I’m hoping that it’s a 24 hour hold on your email account, and nothing more obnoxious than that! I don’t know what to say!

      • Aine says:

        Susan: Thanks for posting my experience with my email ( maybe it will help others). I was somewhat shocked and angry with my email experience when I first wrote that post. It’s been over 24 hours and I have not been given any access to that account and I do not expect to get it back. What I didn’t say in that post is that I consider you a heroine and that’s why I sent a group email with all of your information. I watched a number of your interviews a few months back and I’m so glad that your story finally made it to Veterans Today. These type of news sites get a lot of traffic. Losing my email account is hardly a hardship considering what you have been through. Keep on exposing the truth…eventually we’ll hit a critical mass. Thank you for what you have done and what you continue to do. A. (Note my new email account in the details box.)

        • Hang tough! Gordon Duff, the head of Veterans Today, was one of the first blog editors to recognize the profound significance of my story. I’m a columnist for Veterans Today, though I took a hiatus for several months while I finished the second edition of Extreme Prejudice! You remind me that I need to back to work on the blogs! If the wicked don’t rest, neither can we!

    • We’ve tried to change Wikipedia umpteen times! My attorney & paralegal argued over my birth date— Wikipedia would publish anything that a stranger made up about me, but after publishing 4 wrong birthdays in one year— we shamed them w/ a Birth Certificate to get it corrected. My attorney finally coaxed me to accept it, saying there would come a time when nobody would believe what the govt tried to do, because it’s so absurd. Wikipedia would be the record of their corruption. Pretty pathetic, huh?

  4. Leshy says:

    What an interesting position, you have taken. How courageous, to stand apart, from corporatism, to espouse public accountability, as a necessary requirement, of the ordinary common people. It is undoubtedly, the way, things, are going. The young, in particular, are expecting it. And either it will happen, or the whole world, will be brought down, into an unrecoverable state of confusion ..

  5. Sheila Banks says:

    Susan, I heard you on Coast to Coast last night. God bless you for your work. Unfortunately we have a fairly large number of deluded human primates across the globe including in USA. When I say this I mean it literally. You might find my latest blog post not only interesting but helpful. Its called; The Real Culprit: The Machinations of the Beast.

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