Russian Source Details Pay To Ukraine ‘Protesters’

Posted: March 6, 2014 in Uncategorized


Russian Source Details PayTo Ukraine ‘Protesters’

From ‘Alex’

This message comes from “Alex” a contact inside of Russia. From the very start of Euromaydan each team leader of the “neo-Nazi” Right Wing Sector, RWS, receives a cash reward (for each active fighter for $ 200 per day and an additional $ 500 if the group is over 10 people; group coordinators – from U.S. $ 2,000 per day of riots, provided that controlled group performs direct offensive action against law enforcement officials and representatives of public authorities ) .

The cash for RWS flows from the U.S. Embassy in Kiev [through diplomatic channels] to the central offices of the “neo-Nazi” Freedom Party [leader – Tyagnibok-Frotman, half-Jew] and “Fatherland” party [leaders – Jewess Julia Kapitelman-“Timoshenko”, Jew Arseniy Jacenyuk, from the family of Rabbis]: about $ 20 million per week;PRIVATBANK of the Jewish tycoon Igor Kolomoisky is the main part…

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  1. From Russia, Ukraine, & Crimea…with A-Lo-ha! Catch a stealth Privatized Booze Allen Hamilton Vulcan Wave: Serfs Up? Book ’em Danno! I Spy Psyops from the Enemy Within Declassifiied: “Eddie [Snowden] Would Go”! Sir, Yes Sir! Catbird’s Nest Forward Observation Offshore Post from Blue Hawaii Nei USA Veterans of Foreign & Domestic “land & power” Interior wars under the eye of the vanishing Malaysian Tiger. Shaloha Hana Hou: BOHICA! [Banksters Offshore Hawaii In Covert Amerika] Vets for Peace

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