George Galloway’s Impassioned Anti-War Speech in British Parliament

Posted: September 1, 2013 in Uncategorized
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All of us are indebted to George Galloway, whose powerful anti-war speech in the British Parliament put a stopper in the rush to War with Syria. Later that day, the British Parliament handed Prime Minister David Cameron a humiliating defeat, and put President Obama on notice that he’s flying solo, in his bloody quest for World War III.

  1. Clay Pickering says:

    Excellent, Susan. I saw this a few days ago. Was it not Galloway that the Bush Administration tried to smear in the “Oil for Food” program. Galloway even came over here to clear his name and set the record straight. I like this man.

  2. We have around 640 sitting MPs in the Westminster Commons chamber. Of these, George is as good as it gets, and I always find perverse solace in his ‘output’. ‘Spitting Image’ is long gone from our TV screens, so George is all we have to comprehensively stuff the Westminster Creatures.
    Personally, though I shall stand for Parliament (Newbury Berkshire) in 2015, I would regard it a most cruels stroke of Fate to actually be returned to that fetid chamber-pot. To understand the latter statement, please visit the Spoil Party Games website. Bravo George!

  3. Artiedoowop says:

    Excellent. Keep it coming . Just excellent.

  4. Excellent speech, but, sad that anyone can find a reason for laughter. With over a million dead in Iraq, untold numbers of dead in Afghanistan and Libya there’s nothing to laugh about.

    Hopefully the “mad” crowd will look in the mirror and grow a conscience!

    Stop the killing!!!


  5. I believe, and hope, that this will become an iconic speech against war in Syria. Superb! Thanks from your hapless cousins across the pond.

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