Hague Judge Issues Arrest Warrants for Bush Cabal, citing war crimes

Posted: July 8, 2013 in Uncategorized
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  1. rosebellitzia says:

    Thanks, Susan!  Look..43 is in Africa right now: http://news.yahoo.com/blogs/power-players-abc-news/front-seat-history-cokie-roberts-historic-chat-michelle-112829031.html?vp=1



  2. nuujumn11 says:

    I am keeping my fingers & toes crossed!

  3. there will be parades.

  4. “…there will be parades.”

  5. HERE COMRADES….Kiss hem for me! No…the left one please!

  6. Shams Al-Arifin says:

    World must try to make US militarily less powerful a country than some or some others more powerful than US; Only then prosecution of any US ex-president is possibly because they believe only in rule of might and not in rule of law.

  7. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9-OCwyz4EVw Let us use the Power we have and Arrest the Crimminals shall we…Peace Love and Hope from Ontario Canda

  8. There has to be a day of reckoning for criminals, governments are not immune to the law though they will spread misinformation and denials to maintain a facade of respectability

  9. TruthandFreedom says:

    And you really believe that? Obama and Bush went to Africa, hung out, and had a good time! The HAGUE refused to do anything!!! Just more proof that if you have enough money, no laws apply to you!!! The HAGUE has been bought and paid for by this duo!! Step up and make the arrest HAGUE, or shut up!!! You have clearly shown you have no might to take any action!

  10. TruthandFreedom says:

    Bush and Obama go to Mandela funeral to show their love and support for that known Communist, go figure. Does the HAGUE take action? NO ,,,,, One can only come to the conclusion that the HAGUE and the ICC are bought and paid for by the elitists and the one percenters who continually fleece all humans of this world and show they lack any humanity. December 2013 they had their chance, in July 2013 they had their chance…. There lack of action shows them to be accessories as well as aiding and abetting these war criminals in their crimes against humanity!

  11. TruthandFreedom says:

    Obama visits HAGUE, they refuse to arrest him despite them having a supposed warrant for his arrest.. The HAGUE is just as much bought and paid as Obama… Now everyone in Congress, the Senate, CIA top officials, FBI to officials, NSA top officials, government top officials to include all members of the HAGUE who refused their oath of office need to be held as aiding and abetting Obama in his TREASON against the United States and atrocities against humanity.

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