“Breaking the Set” on the Patriot Act as a Weapon Against Whistleblowers

Posted: July 2, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Abby Martin had the guts & smarts to investigate how the Patriot Act attacks whistleblowers. We had a great interview on “Breaking the Set”! Abby gets 5 Gold Stars for asking about the CIA’s advance knowledge of 9/11. This chic’s not afraid of anything!

  1. Ryan Mielke says:

    Thank you for sharing the truth about the Iraq war and the lead up to the 9/11 attacks again. This needs more attention than ever. We need more investigative journalists to dig into this and form a coalition that will provide the evidence that will force Americans to consciously form their own story about what took place, instead of relying on corporate media to put the pieces together for them. Keep talking about this, please!

    I am inspired by your courage as well as Abby’s. She brings up some great points about Obama’s two-faced antics. How can he sit there and say what he says about Nelson Mandela when he has not followed through with his commitment to close Guantanamo Bay? These are just pretty words from a not-so-pretty political and military machine. Wolf in sheep’s clothing?

  2. Randy Crow says:

    Can’t imagine a person with more knowledge on how the unPatriot Act violates the US Constitution than Susan. You should claim # 1 Expert on the unPatriot Act bcuz your are. Locked up for five years under unPatriot Act. Yeah. You win.

  3. Clay Pickering says:

    An interesting interview of James Bamford on Charlie Rose. I think Bamford was quite uncomfortable with Rose’s questions on Snowden. The hand wringing is very evident. I also find interesting that Bamford contemplates security and liberty with terrorism and gun control. I kinda equate this to Sibel “registering” her complaints of corruption and treason with her FBI superiors and the Justice Department. Or, even worse. Susan “registering” her pre-Iraqi war intelligence with Congress, Trent Lott and Colin Powell. We know what happened here. The messenger got shot (Edmonds firing) or put in jail without due process (Susan Lindauer).

    So, where is one to go? The late CIA director said this when the so-called “Free Press” was diminishing:

    William Colby remarked. “If CIA people today are told to violate their limits, or if they are tempted to violate those limits, one of the junior officers will surely raise that question and tell the command structure, and, if not satisfied there, he will tell the press, and that is the way you control it.” I ask – Did Colby support whistle-blowing?

    So, now we have Snowden. Who according to John Young, Snowden likely went to American newspapers first which initially would not print the story until Snowden went to Greenwald and The Guardian (UK). Did Snowden realize through other whistle-blowers that by “registering” with his superiors that he too would be shot, metaphorically speaking of course. You bet! And moreover, Snowden going to the press was even tantamount to his going to his superiors. Now would you register your firearms?

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