Shocking video of Syrian Rebel cannibalizing dead soldier

Posted: June 30, 2013 in Uncategorized
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By Susan Lindauer When & I teamed together to expose video evidence of Libyan Rebels cannibalizing, castrating and decapitating Gadhaffi soldiers, some of you protested that such things must be video inventions. Horribly, they are not. Gruesome videos are surfacing out of Syria, depicting identical crimes by Islamic fighters.

Imagine if Vietnam War protesters had financed the Khmer Rouge bloodbath in Cambodia. That’s exactly what Pro-War Progressives are doing now.

On this, I agree with Glenn Beck. Americans must demand that Progressive Democrats and Republicans in Congress cut off supplies to Syrian rebels immediately. We are being dragged into World War III. For myself, I will go kicking and screaming.

  1. Thanks for sharing this video, Susan. It really does need to go viral. At the moment, the most serious impediment to world peace is the Democratic loyalist who will not look at the plain truth that Obama is no less a Puppet of the global elite who are trying to establish a permanent, corporate-dominated New World Order in which no one would be free.

    It is time that Republicans, Democrats and everyone else in the US unite to take back America for the People and create a real democracy that will be a force for peace and justice instead of war and misery.

    • Absolutely– Pro-War Progressives are a real shocker, as if they learned all the WRONG LESSONS of the Bush Administration. They should be fiercely condemned. It would be like Vietnam War protesters supporting the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia– Revolting and unforgivable.

  2. I think America is only there because of the Israeli-American lobby that has turned the Middle East into a sectarian genocidal battleground, ethnically cleansing as they go; for the Zionist agenda that has a racial superiority thing going on. Israel itself is sectarian, non Jews don’t get passports or own land in the occupied ‘terrortory’s’ of Palestine. Israel keeps illegally widening their parameters, I hope someone stops them. Israeli’s around the world have played a part in this, from the USS Liberty, 9/11, that short anti Mo’md video, citing ‘Islamists’ as the ‘terrorists’, America supports Israel and both countries take part in illegal acts of war crimes. I advocate trade sanctions against Israel and America, they must be pulled into line.

  3. Tim Bloxham says:

    Tel aviv and the US appear to be the aggressors in this world with perhaps their controllers coming from london .People need to wake up and realize who were the real warmongers are going back to the sixteenth century

  4. Robert J. Simmons says:

    Does anyone know the date of this Glen Beck show ? It must have been rather recent, but I am sure that when I show this to others they will most likely ask this same question. And does anyone know if this segment was re-broadcast later that day, and into the evening ? So far, most people I talked to about this had no knowledge of it at all.

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