“Turkish Spring–” Violent Clashes Erupt in Istanbul

Posted: June 1, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Violent clashes erupted on the streets of Istanbul, as Turkish people battled President Erdogan’s soldiers in scenes reminiscent of Tahrir Square. It does appear the Arab Spring has moved into Turkey.


Turkish Anti-Erdogan Protester Killed on Live Television. No weapon in sight.


A Night of Clashes in Istanbul


  1. Randy Crow says:

    Wild From the video I learn a non violent protest over what happening to a small park turned into a violent protest against the Turkish government. Logic dictates the Turkish gov. Is told what to do and the political arm of the usual bad guys, racist911 Goldman Bankster NWO Fascists. So this protest is really a protest against the NYC Bankster Fascists. What the bad guy do I don’t like, so I’m on the side of the protesters and consider this protest positive. Of course the bad guy plan is WW3 with all sides dealing fatal blows to one another. So in support of the side I’m on is really a move toward WW3, which I hate and consider horrible.

  2. […] “Turkish Spring – ” Violent Clashes Erupt in Istanbul (extremeprejudiceusa.wordpress.com) […]

  3. I was flicked this YouTube from a chap who says he’s in Turkey and the violence is a revolution against the government who they are afraid of the government because they can’t peacefully protest. I thought that sounded much like America 🙂

    • Erdogan has been so judgmental of other Arab nations struggling with populist expression. Now his government’s facing the same pressures. I’m loving this. Hypocrisy and phony morality are getting shredded.

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