Is Gadhaffi’s Death Linked to Benghazi-Gate?

Posted: May 27, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Who (really) killed Gadhaffi? All of the Libyan rebels credited with Gadhaffi’s murder died themselves within a year. Ambassador Stevens was also killed, and the Embassy archives vanished.

Is there a connection? You decide.

  1. sarahsalim says:

    There is nothing to do with the killing of Gaddafi killing Ambassador
    But there is in America, France provoke the Muslims in their religion
    Do you remember the film about the Prophet Muhammad is a movie Move the feeling of Muslims
    I am talking with you loyal to Gaddafi a hero who in his not Etjra one touching diplomats

    • Yes Sarah, Libya was a great foreign policy tragedy. Gadhaffi was a remarkable leader in the Arab world, completely different than the Saudi Sheikhs. Not a dictator, but a Socialist– possibly what frightens American capitalists more than anything. Now Washington & NATO have lost control of the violent cycle they created artificially. The Middle East will pay the ultimate price in a regional War that will make poor Iraq look like a child’s practice. I see only more tragedy ahead.

  2. Clay Pickering says:

    Gaddafi renounced terrorism in 1989. Gaddafi and Libya came off “nation’s of concern in around the early 2000s. Gaddafi’s country had one of the highest literacy rates in the Arab/Muslim world. Gaddafi’s country provided its middle class with revenues from its sweet oil crude. Gaddafi and his country was one of the most progressive countries respecting women’s rights. Moreover, Gaddafi and his country had nothing to do with the bombing of Pan Am 103. Gaddafi was threatened and coerced to pay the victim’s families or suffer the consequences which eventually took his life. In fact, Gaddafi and his Libyan intelligence agent (Megrihi) were found innocent of the charges in a Scottish court and had to be released. It was then that Gaddafi called out the oil companies to recompensate him for the monies unlawfully obtained. Now look at Gaddafi in the picture. His country is balkanized and a U.S. ambassador is dead. And it appears the American people are none the wiser.

    • Yes, yes, yes! Mr. Pickering, you do know your history! If only our policy makers could say the same!

      • Clay Pickering says:

        And that’s just it, Susan – POLICY! It is policy to maintain the lies. No one dares to cross the what I call the political “invisible electrified fence.” If they do, those who question policy will be handed their hat.

  3. When Obama rode high on the deaths of Gaddafi and ObL, these extra judicial slayings, I wondered why. Why is it necessary to kill one’s enemy? What made Gaddafi an enemy is the same as Saddam, gold. Both leaders had mooted the idea of not trading in the US dollar. Iran, North Korea and of course Cuba are the only three countries in the world that refuse to sell their gold for the USA paper funny-money, so watch this space for the glorification of extra judicial murders in the name of Obama. Obama is the whore of Rothschild.

  4. Randy Crow says:

    Possibly the most weird going on now in the world is the 30% drop in the prices of silver and gold. Most metals gurus feel JPMorgan and the Fed are responsible. Bottom line. The world’s entire economic system may about to implode. What does this have to with Ghaddfi and Stevens? Economic collapse should be followed by WW3. WW3 will pit Russia against the USA. Possibly the BRICS against the USA. One of the main reasons the Banksters anointed Obam Pres is bcuz Obam is a Sunni. My guess is Obam is supposed to lead the Sunni against Syria, Iran and Russia. So the Egypt Libya mess is really building a Sunni army to fight Russia

    • LIbya had 700 tons of gold bullion– and no debts. Libya also mines gold– and Israel is now setting up a military base in that region, cordoned off by Israeli & mercenary soldiers to take it out. That was the price for U.S. support of overthrowing Gadhaffi.

  5. this is an excellent video and conversation – thank you for the great work you do!

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