UN Investigator ‘Stupefied by Syrian Opposition Sarin Use’

Posted: May 7, 2013 in Uncategorized


UN Investigator ‘Stupefied by Syrian Opposition Sarin Use’


A leading United Nations investigator says she is ‘stupefied’ by the testimony from victims of the Syrian conflict that rebels have used nerve agent sarin.

Carla del Ponte said over the weekend that there are “strong, concrete suspicions but not yet incontrovertible proof” that it’s the rebels,not President Bashar Assad‘s forces, who have used chemical weapons.

President Obama has said the Assad regime would be crossing “a red line” if it used such weapons against its own people. But that though there is evidence that such weapons have been deployed, it still isn’t known for sure “how they were used, when they were used [or] who used them.”

Posted May 06, 2013

US: ‘No information’ Syria rebels used chemical arms: The United States said Monday it was “highly skeptical” of an assertion that Syrian rebels had used…

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  1. Randy Crow says:

    Yep. The pics that were posted when Sarin Mustard Gas was first used in Syria showed the victims were Syrians, not Terrori$t$. It my guess the Mustard Gas came from Israel’s stockpile to Syrian terrori$t$ and certainly the CIA was in the mix getting the gas to the terrori$t$. Huge numbers of Iraqi are dying from US depleted uranium shells fired in Iraq. Logic dictates a raci$t led USA has used the lowest of weapons from the get go, depleted uranium, and now Mustard Gas so logic dictates its not a matter of whether WWIII goes nuclear, it when. As a matter of fact, my town, Wilmington, NC is nearly finished building a huge laser nuclear fuel refinery, the largest and most advanced on the planet, and it’s my guess the West considers this plant and nuclear weapons their Ace in the Hole and fully intend on conquering the world by the use of nuclear weapons, and diseases. Interestingly, Bill Clinton made $133M setting up Kazakhstan as possibly the world’s largest uranium supplier. Isn’t this how the bad guys work? Put weapons in the hands of both sides, manipulate a fight, so both sides so kill off and weaken themselves the Banksters can waltz in and pick up the bodies and loot?

    • Except it’s not sarin gas– it’s weaponized chlorine. Immediately after the attack, the U.S & Britain spoke up quickly to declare chlorine to be a non-prohibited second tier chemical weapon. They denigrated its capacity precisely because it’s the sort of weapon rebels could deploy, not governments.

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