19-year old Dzhokhar Tsarnaev Still Had Backpack after Boston Marathon bombing –See Proof

Posted: April 21, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Have we all rushed to the Wrong Judgment?
Saturday, April 20, 2013 18:4


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  1. Unfortunally you make sense ! Justiceforall

  2. Taino says:

    Perhaps he’s not the bomber but the high resolution photograph shows no backpack. What you see there is the suspect’s elbow cocked back in a race-walk stride.

    • Good Eye, sir!!! There’s more to this story… He might be guilty, but there’s questions which have to be answered. I think we’re discovering the original story needs some explanation.

      • Taino, Now we’re hearing the high resolution photo w/no backpack was Photoshopped. This one shows the angle of his body & position of his elbow that he’s in fact carrying a back pack.

  3. sharpfang2 says:

    WTaino – no it’s the backpack – it was light coloured as shown in pre bomb shots.

  4. sharpfang2 says:

    see this one – which shows the photo-shop job they did, to remove the backpack. His posture in the pic above, suggests he’s carrying a pack and this vid suggests what happened.

  5. Randy Crow says:

    Dzhokhar’s backpack that I saw was actually more of an over the shoulder type bag. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yy-hWcOWL60 Great time elapse video that shows Op types doing Op type work near the finish after bombs exploded.
    http://blog.al.com/live/2013/04/boston_marathon_explosion_univ.html Pretty sure this video shows pic of bomb and it was way the heck too big to fit in a backpack and was not in a backpack. What’g going on in the USA is exactly what went on and goes on in Iraq, Afghan and Syria which proves to me Pentgn Ops did the dirty deeds that makes war in the MidEast. So Obam asking to increase debt limit strikes me as a means of putting the USA so in debt the USA implodes financially. Boy weird stuff is going on in my life of a dirty trick nature which has not gone on in years. Boy the bad guys must be fighting anyone who writes Boston is a Black Op.

  6. I didn’t change anything. I hope the news media will address the questions that are being raised. There are a number of serious anomalies that don’t make sense. If the Boston media’s doing its job for the people, they should consider it an obligation to get to the bottom of this stuff.

  7. ThingsThatMakeYouGoHummmmmm says:

    is there a site where we can get the hi rez pictures? No hi-rez on Google… Also, if you are part of a special team that wants to explode something and blame it on others, putting a logo of your team on a hat is … how can I say this without being impolite?

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