Video Proof Syrian Rebels Are Testing Chemical Weapons

Posted: April 1, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Syria’s military controlled by President Assad are not the ones who have used chemical weapons— FACTS ON THE GROUND demonstrate Syrian Rebels are collecting and testing chemical weapons. [See video below]

What’s more, Syrian Rebels were responsible for the one, single use of chemically weaponized chlorine in this War. Rebels hurled chlorinized cannister bombs at a Syrian Guard Sentry post killing 26 Syrian Government soldiers.

Get it? President Assad’s forces were the VICTIMS of the attack. Seizing on the West’s hypocrisy, Assad’s government promptly demanded a UN investigation into the REBELS’ use of chemical weapons—Washington and France immediately declared that chlorinized bombs are not prohibited by International Conventions prohibiting the use of chemical weapons.  

Other than that ONE TIME– when Syrian Rebels struck government soldiers– there has been NO OTHER USE OF CHEMICAL WEAPONS>

Use your brains: This is pure propaganda to push the US into another catastrophic War in the Middle East.

  1. Denen sieht man schon von weitem an das diese Terroristen Lügner sind. Lügner steht ihnen ins Gesicht geschrieben.

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