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CIA, Mossad staged 9/11 to further the Zionist agenda



At some point in the future – it may be sooner than later – an evil regime is going to be betrayed. And when one is betrayed, others will surely follow.
Which will be the first? Israel?

Surely not! The USA’s foreign policy, its media and its political structures are completely corrupted by, and infected with, Zionism.

Yet, only two months ago, the New York Post quoted the famous realpolitik US diplomat Henry Kissinger as asserting that, “In ten years, there will be no more Israel.” Moreover, the mind-set of the USA State Department could be shifting. A study (Preparing for a Post-Israel Middle East) commissioned by all sixteen American intelligence agencies supports Kissinger’s assertion although it is not so specific on the timing.

Of course the study, all eighty two pages of it, is being…

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  1. Randy Crow says:

    Maybe yes. Maybe no. My guess is Brown Brothers Harriman and Goldman with the Golden Lily gold are the real movers and shakers behind 911. These guys like to bring in racism to divert attention away from them so they may be playing the old faithful zioni$t card now. Don’t get me wrong, zioni$t$ are in the mix but I doubt lead the show. 911 is about destroying the USA by debt through war costs which destroy the dollar. zioni$t$’ of course are in the choir and chomping at the bit to destroy the US dollar. Obama is a Sunni, as well as John Brennan. The real guys behind 911 have been helping the Fa$ci$t Muslim Brotherhood probably to make sure the MidEast stays in War. More war, more USA debt = Dollar destroyed = USA destroyed. Probably the real glue is Fa$ci$m = Destroy the USA enslave all the peeps of the world. zioni$t$ luv this agenda and just like in the Holocaust could care less if zioni$t$’ are sacrificed for the greater good = destitute the peeps of the world steal every thing from everybody. Notice in Obama’s targeting-killing at Sandy Hook, many of the victims have Jewish connects.

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