Syria: False Flag to Discredit Russia Exposed

Posted: January 12, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Syria: False Flag designed to discredit Russia.

By Christof Lehmann (nsnbc).

According to an unnamed Russian military diplomat some of the allies behind the “Syrian Opposition” are in the planning stages of a false flag operation which has been designed for the purpose of discrediting the reputation of Russia as an honest broker in the Syrian crisis.

On Friday, 11 January 2012 the Russian military diplomat stated that the involved parties are in the process of recruiting Russian, Ukrainian and Belorussian mercenaries who are supposed to take part in the operation.

The mercenaries would then be deployed to locations in Turkey and Jordan where large-scale scenes, supposed to represent destroyed Syrian villages have long been built for training purposes.

The false Russian mercenaries would then engage in mock fire fights with supposed fighters of the Free Syrian Army and be captured. The captured “actors” are then supposed to be interviewed on camera while admitting that they had been deployed from Russia to “support the Syrian Regime”.

The supposed “confessions of the Russian mercenaries” would then be supposed to be aired on international mainstream media such as CNN, BBC, Al Jazeera and others with the intention to discredit Russia and its diplomatic role with regard to solving the crisis in Syria.

The planned false flag should create the backdrop for a diplomatic row and justify regime change and eventually a military intervention by NATO forces. The false flag is most likely also designed to discredit eventual initiatives toward the deployment of UN Blue Chapcas under supervision of the CSTO.

Christof Lehmann – 12.01.2013 – nsnbc

  1. They should take lessons from the United States’ Central Intelligence Agency. Nobody does false flag ops like the CIA. Just look at what they accomplished on September 11, 2001.

  2. Randy Crow says:

    Makes sense. It is hard 2 imagine any FalseFlag in Syria not using Mossad Ops 2 one degree or another. Way 2 find out. Arab Ops, not Shiite, crossing over n2 Israel as Syrian FalseFlag begins. If Mossad is in fact involved, Israeli Ops would scurry back home2 see what’s up, counter.

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