Thierry Meyssan: Obama to Abandon “Free Syrian Army”

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Jan 03, 2013

Paris, (SANA)_The French intellectual, Thierry Meyssan said the US administration has decided to abandon the armed terrorist groups in Syria who call themselves ”The Free Army” as the US is set to start negotiations with Russia for solving the crisis there according to Geneva statement.

In an article published on Voltaire Network, Meyssan said that the US administration has clearly decided to turn the page on the so-called ‘Free Army’, reminding that the US National Intelligence Council in Washington has sarcastically announced that the ”global Jihad will soon disappear.”

Meyssan saw that the war on Syria has ended on the strategic level and the ‘Free Army’ has no chance to achieve their goals despite the Europeans’ unceasing incitement against the Syrian leadership, indicating that the flow of funds and weapons to the gunmen has dried up and a lot of international support has stopped.

He said that the US administration will embark on a peace plan on Syria as soon as it gets ratified at the Senate.

Meyssan said that Obama has displayed no reaction when some of his aides blocked the implementation of Geneva statement in the middle of the electoral campaign, but embarked on a clean-up process after he was reelected that swept away the architect of the war against Syria, David Petraeus.

Meyssan concluded that the US allies have to inquire whether the new deal would not imply abandoning them as well.

M. Ismael

  1. Notice Friends!!! Facebook has blocked me from posting this article in the different groups that I’m connected to. I got about half way through my lists, then Facebook blocked me for TWO DAYS, saying “the material is offensive.”

  2. Randy Crow says:

    This is good, great news. Actually I find it hard to believe. For one US forces are putting cruise missiles in Turkey on the Syrian border. The CIA should have armed Syrian terrorists. Hope its true but I’m very skeptical.

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  4. […] Thierry Meyssan: Obama to Abandon “Free Syrian Army” […]

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