Homeland Security Ready for Massive Civil Unrest, Internment of Dissidents

Posted: November 17, 2012 in Uncategorized
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Whether or not you support Obama’s impeachment, the grievances outlined by this video are authentic and disturbing. If the Department of Homeland Security executes these policies, the United States as we know it will be over.


  1. F Gregg Meagher says:

    Other than being a “scum…..” as mentioned in reference to the American at the start-up of this video, he was also reported internationally as being CIA > sooooo: Another ‘witness’ against the Big White House eliminated?

  2. dggraham says:

    Given our government’s increasing levels of debt and our “fiscal cliff,” the imprisonment of a large percentage of the population seems ludicrous. Governments have demonstrated their inability to close our borders to those who wish to come to the US. How would it accomplish the reverse for those wishing to leave?

  3. Anthony says:

    Great vid brother in Christ I pray that the eyes of Americans will wake up to see that the country is headed to hell if we do not stand up for God and the Constitution. Obama is antichrist and is setting up Ww3 rite now. We need to pray for supernatural deliverance from the coming evil

  4. mark warning says:

    this bobpowellbog is a bit bizarre. Did you look at his his youtube piece with Reza somebody about Iran?


  5. Elias Netanyahu says:

    capitalists are preparing to kill theirf enemies and introduce a fasism á la USA and Hitler!!!

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