Black Budgets– How Congress Flees from Fiscal Responsibility

Posted: October 27, 2012 in Uncategorized
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By Shawn and Clay Pickering

How things work.  Now who understands this?

The National Security State is a hybrid between Private and Public entities. Funding can come from above board sources such as congress. That then would fall within the purview of an ACKNOWLEDGED compartmentalized access program.

Consequently only a few members of congress would have an inkling of the program, but generally not what it entails. This is the gang of eight within congress. They would know where the funding went such as Raytheon, GE, IBM and so forth.

This does not mean they would know the specifics of a particular program. Now, a project manager would know the specifics of a particular funded program. Steven Greer has talked about this and he is correct. The program manager would have to have a TS/SCI clearance. Furthermore, all the engineers, information specialists, sub-contractors, scientists, researchers who are directly connected (with a need to know) to an ACAP (Acknowledged Compartmented Access Programs) would be given TS/SCI clearance within their specialty.

This construct, by the way, is similar to the Federal Reserve System. It is hybrid. Although the government grants the Federal Reserve System the power to establish interest rates and control the supply of money it has no say within the Federal Reserve Board’s decision making process or the Federal Advisory Board’s decision making process to establish monetary policy.

Now for UNACKNOWLEDGED programs. Congress is completely unaware of these programs and connected projects. They do not knowingly initiate, fund and/or support these programs. Much of the funding for USAPs unknowingly come from funded programs which are siphoned off and redirected to unacknowledged SAPs.

Here is an example. Congress funds a 30 billion dollar satellite program for the DOD. Part of that 30 billion dollars can be siphoned off and used by a transnational corporation developing a classified technology. These monies are completely unrelated to the initial funding directives of the original satellite program. Again, only the project manager of the USAP will know the specifics of the program.

Nobody in congress is there to oversee where the initial 30 billion dollars went. The GAO holdsd periodic audits, i.e., in April to determine whether or not the DOD is spending the monies properly. The DOD will fail this audit and nothing will be done about it. The monies received and spent within a USAP will simply be run through the DOD as an unsupported accounting entry.

Keep in mind, the DOD is only one department through which unsupported accounting entries are run! HUD, Department of Energy, Interior, DHS, just to name a few, also run unsupported accounting entries through their books.

This is the self licking ice cream cone that Tim Weiner (former DOD analyst) wrote about in his book “Blank Check.” Where’s congress? Where’s the president? Where’s the GAO and oversight committees in this convoluted funding process?

Moreover, what about the mosaic funding patterns of previous programs. Here’s an example. Say Raytheon gets a 1 billion contract over ten years. They spend a given amount each year. Keep in mind some of these funds are siphoned off as previously mentioned. Then Raytheon gets another funded billion dollar contract, which is spent over twenty years. Some of those funds are siphoned off too. Year three, Raytheon gets a new ten billion dollar contract over 5 years. Again, some of that money is siphoned off.

This process for Raytheon happens year in and year out. NOW THIS IS ONLY AN EXAMPLE OF ONE COMPANY! Now throw in the top 30 military/industrial companies in this mix and their affiliated sub-contractors.

It’s no wonder the DOD has not passed an audit since the 1991 Financial Records Act was enacted by congress (laughingly). Follow the money? Good luck. And now, we have our “Black Programs.”

Also keep in mind that this funding process doesn’t include programs connected to monies generated by illegal means, i.e., the illegal drug trade. Ask Catherine Austin Fitts about this when she was with HUD in the 90s. She claimed that 600 billion was illegally run through the banking system in the U.S. each year. The military/industrial complex is a behemoth and a hydra.

Now, where is government in all this?

  1. This is the most corrupt country in the history of the planet.No wonder the country is always broke.Always squeezing it’s citizenry out money they don’t have. Credit cards ,mortgages, Anything with interest, ,ala loan sharks.Billions going to places we are not aware of or authorized.Look at the missing billions in Iraq by the crook Bush and his fellow criminals. Outrageous.They have no shame. Every taxpayer being used as a sucker .WE are the evil empire. WE are the terrorist..Living in a camera infested police state with over 18,00 police dept’s throughout the nation.The elite 1% fearful of losing their ill gotten money.If the American people knew what was going on there would be a revolution yesterday.The TSA already have concentration camps built for us along with our coffins .A very sick country indeed.

  2. Britain’s corruption is vying for first place. The current government is illegitimate, as 9 Conservative MPs sit having used a “Liar Flyer” that claimed UNEQUIVOCALLY that (bogey man) Gordon Brown WOULD return to office for FIVE MORE YEARS if Conservatives did not get enough seats to avoid a hung parliament. This is called LYING in UK law, and is culpable. We also have fraud law that prohibits lying for monetary gain; lying to get a job, such as MP, is covered. But, when the chips are down, Westminster and its Creatures answer to no law. This is the pinnacle of UK CORRUPTION.

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