America’s Beloved Bernie Sanders on the Deficit Hawks & Wall Street Greed

Posted: August 29, 2012 in Uncategorized

At this pivotal moment in American history, some of the country’s most successful programs for working families are under attack by the same people who dug the country deep into debt in the first place. These “deficit hawks” waged wars in Iraq and Afghanistan but forgot to pay for them, driving up the deficit. They gave tax breaks to the richest Americans and big corporations without offsetting the lost revenue, driving up the deficit. They passed a prescription drug program that made it illegal to bargain for better prices, driving up the deficit. With all that red ink on their hands, those deficit hawks like House Budget Chairman Paul Ryan now want to cut Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid and give even more tax breaks to millionaires and billionaires. Bernie wants to lower deficits, but not on the backs of working families, the sick, the elderly, and the children.

    • I adore Bernie Sanders! When Obama was first up, I nurtured great hopes that he would name Benie as Vice President. He’s got a plan! He knows what we’ve got to do! His priorities would be good for jobs and the economy.

      • Hi Susan – I add my admiration to that of others. But how could you observe the “YES WE CAN” ‘vacuousity’, and want Obama to be anything more than a comedy vaudeville turn? Our St Tony (Blair) is also a shallow ‘blagger’, to those who could read the man – from day one. Yet he fooled many.
        It seems McGilchrist’s analysis of our shift from right to left brain-function (The Master and his Emmisary) is spot on.
        Thanks for the Sanders links. Will he go the way of Ron Paul?
        With no soul, no heart and now stuck in left brain, I guess we are ripe for the ‘End fo Days’.

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