Congress Threatens to Imprison Anyone Who Talks Truth in an Election Year

Posted: June 9, 2012 in Uncategorized

By Laura E. Davis | The Ticket –

Attorney General Eric Holder has appointed two U.S. attorneys to lead investigations into the possible unauthorized disclosure of classified information.

A statement from the Justice Department says the prosecutors assigned to direct criminal probes already being conducted by the FBI are Ronald C. Machen Jr., the U.S. Attorney for the District of Columbia, and Rod J. Rosenstein, U.S. Attorney for the District of Maryland.

“U.S. Attorneys Machen and Rosenstein are fully authorized to prosecute criminal violations discovered as a result of their investigations and matters related to those violations,” Holder said in the statement.

The announcement comes after an outcry from both parties in Congress in response to news reports that detail sensitive national security operations. Both the Senate and House Intelligence Committees have said they’ll look into the disclosures. It’s not clear which leaks the criminal investigations are focusing on.

Yahoo News White House correspondent Olivier Knox contributed reporting.

  1. flybynews says:

    The sham of the sworn oath taken by so many in government and justice… it is really like the criminals are in charge. I hope we all work together and use this upcoming half century anniversary of a major US coup, and show how it all adds up to what we are confronting today. I will link to a program Flyby News is producing.. and using the film Dark Legacy: George Bush and the Murder of John F. Kennedy

    The meetup site for events in my community are posted from here:

  2. Annit says:

    the truth must be heard, get the truth out and the tyrannts out!

  3. Randy Crow says:

    The truth definitely must get out. In this case I believe the Flame virus could have been the work of Mossad and the Administration is taking blame for it to help out Israel. Why? If Israel is tied to Flame it might work against its prejudice and desire to nuke Iran.

  4. jovialau says:

    You just answered your own question!

  5. Lawrence says:

    What exactly are the sensitive national security information that is detailed in the news reports? I really suggest a word of caution about this kind of thing. It has been too often that when the US government wants the public to believe a certain false info, it will pretend to leak it, as if by accident, and then pretend to prosecute the leaker. In this way, people will really believe the false info is true, because they think it’s something unintentionally leaked.

    Hi Susan, did you see my last comment (about 1 week ago)? I was saying, not only my 911 group in LA, but also the libertarian group here, will love to hear you speak if you are ever in LA. My libertarian group’s leader is Jill P, she said she has talked with you before, but missed your April talk at Irvine.

    • Lawrence, I would love to come out to LA to speak! Any time would be fantastic! Next weekend, June 16-17, I shall be testifying at the Vancouver Hearings on 9/11. Talk to your group, and we’ll see if we can arrange a date!


      • Lawrence says:

        Hi Susan, that’s great. I’ll ask my group people about it, and get back to you… We’ll find the number of people interested, arrange the time, and figure out the cost problem… it might take some discussion…

        Will info on Vancouver talk and video be on here soon?

        • I might have some financial resources, too! There’s something I might do in California in early July!


          • Lawrence says:

            Hi Susan, both my 911 group and libertarian group leaders (Jill P and Ed B) have expressed interests. Ed is thinking of inviting Kevin Ryan also together with you. July then? The thing is, I would like to make sure you get compensated in some way so at the very least it wouldn’t cost you to entertain us. So we need to gather up a size of interested audience and make the date coincide with what you need to do in CA in July….

  6. zap says:

    Transparency my ass, Obama. Liar and a crook like all the rest. Vote 3rd party.

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