Sarkozy: Gadaffi’s French Connection– Paid $50 million Euros in 2007

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By Allain Jules
Republished from Libyans Against Super Power

How can we kill the one you received at his table? How can we kill someone who funded your election campaign? A stack. This article was based pay, and it is thanks to the site WikiStrike that Médiapart saw fit to allow open access. Good idea! (Allain Jules)

The regime of Muammar Gaddafi agreed to fund the presidential campaign of Nicolas Sarkozy in 2007. Mediapart found a Libyan official document that proves it.This note from the archives of the secret service was written there are more than five years. The header and the green emblem of the Libyan preprinted fade slightly elsewhere. This document, along with others, escaped the destruction of the Western military offensive. Former officials of the country, now in hiding, have agreed to communicate it to Mediapart these last few days.

Since 2006, the Libyan regime had chosen “to support the campaign” of Nicolas Sarkozy as president in 2007, for “an amount of fifty million”: this is indicated in letters that note dated December 10, 2006, signed by Musa Kusa, the former head of foreign intelligence services to Libya.

An agreement “on the amount and methods of payment” was validated by a few months earlier by Hortefeux, then Minister for Local Government, in the presence of the businessman Ziad Takieddine, which introduced in 2005 in Libya close to the minister of the interior, including Claude Gueant, and Nicolas Sarkozy himself. The Chief of Staff of Muammar Gaddafi, Bashir Saleh, then head of Libyan African Portfolio (LAP, is one of the investment fund’s financial Libyan regime), was responsible for overseeing the payments.

MM. Gaddafi and Sarkozy © Reuters

“My client was not present at the meeting stated in the document, we said Samia Maktouf me, counsel for Mr. Takieddine. However, he thinks that this paper is credible, given the date and those that appear Also in this document itself. “

“This document proves that we are dealing with an affair of state, that these 50 million have been paid or not, has himself commented Mr. Takieddine, Mediapart met by Friday, April 27. Investigation will be difficult because many players have died during the war in Libya, but it’s important to make it public. “This response Ziad Takieddine – despite her multiple times expressed hostility towards us – is that of a key player in the honeymoon Franco-Libyan, who secretly advised Claude Gueant until the eve of war, as evidenced by numerous notes published by Mediapart.

One of them, written September 6, 2005 by Ziad Takieddine and addressed to Claude Gueant, and said some Franco-Libyan talks were “put on a secret.” “The other advantage is more comfortable to discuss another important topic, the most direct way …,” stated the document mysteriously.

The new element today is that we publish now confirm the charges by the main Libyan leaders themselves shortly before the outbreak of war at the instigation of France, in March 2011. Muammar Gaddafi’s son Saif al-Islam and a former intelligence chief, Abdullah Senussi, had in fact all three publicly stated to have evidence of a secret financing of the French president. The discovery of the note of Mr. Koussa now requires undertake formal investigations – whether judicial, police or parliamentary – on this dark and secret Franco-Libyan relations.

The hidden face of the arrival of Nicolas Sarkozy’s Libya in 2005 and 2007, appeared already implicit in the issue of arms sales to Saudi Arabia and Pakistan instructed by judges Renaud Van Ruymbeke and Roger Le Loire, in particular through the lobbying by Mr. Takieddine deployed in favor of the former interior minister from Tripoli. But the investigation into their hands just been extended by a further submission on April 5, all the facts alleged laundering appeared to date.

The investigations aim through, but many close to the head of state, Thierry Gaubert, Hortefeux, Nicolas Bazire, or more indirectly Jean-Francois Cope. Escape the secrets of the fallen dictatorship, decisive note that we reproduce above – which is the full translation Extend tab – just further confirm the remarks of Mr. Takieddine former doctor, who had followed then displacement of the businessman, including Libya, and had reported funding projects of the presidential campaign of Nicolas Sarkozy by Libya.

According to connoisseurs of the Libyan regime to which we have submitted this document, including the author and recipient belong to the first circle of Gaddafi, is consistent, even in his style and habits of bureaucratic regime. Besides the Gregorian calendar, the second date shown confirms its authenticity: it is not that usual in the Muslim calendar, but that imposed by the dictator, who by the year of death of the Prophet Muhammad, the year 632.

An Authentic Document, According to Ziad Takieddine

For several months, we undertook a search for custodians of archives of the former regime, meetings in Paris and abroad, representatives of several Libyan factions, some of which had kept records, and others were seized , the margins armed clashes.Thus, Mediapart published here on 10 April, documents requiring special services Libyan surveillance measures opponents Toubou domiciled in France.

El Sr. Koussa

The landmark document that we publish today, under the signature of Musa Kusa, was sent on 10 December 2006, a former key man of the Libyan regime, Bashir Saleh, nicknamed the “cashier Gaddafi.” Chief of Staff of “guide” fallen, Mr. Saleh was also the head of Libyan African Portfolio (LAP), the powerful Libyan sovereign fund to garner more than $ 40 billion. Under Qaddafi era, the LAP has served on countless investment operations. Some disreputable (tourism, oil, agriculture, telecommunications …). And others less, as confirmed by several sources Libyan concordant. Contacted on his mobile phone number French, Mr Saleh did not respond to our requests.

Known for being one of the closest collaborators of Muammar Gaddafi and the mentor of two of his son (Motassem and Saif al-Islam), Musa Kusa has meanwhile been the boss for more than fifteen years, between 1994-2011 , outside the Libyan secret service (the equivalent of the French DGSE), before becoming the Foreign Minister of Libya.

Note that the author of this note and the recipient have lived at the time of the fall of the Gaddafi regime, similar fates. Musa Kusa is currently living in Qatar, under protection after fleeing the war in Libya, in March 2011, rallying first London, then a few weeks later Doha. Bashir Saleh, briefly imprisoned by the rebel National Transitional Council (NTC) before being released last August, was exfiltrated and hosted by the French. As reported by Le Canard chained him and his family still enjoy the protection of the French authorities who granted them a temporary residence.

The two paragraphs written by Musa Kusa is unequivocal on the explosive issue addressed. “In reference to the instructions issued by the liaison office of the General People’s Committee for approval to support the campaign of presidential candidate, Nicolas Sarkozy, amounting to a value of fifty million, “can you read first. Then Mr. Koussa said transmit and confirm “the agreement in principle on the subject cited above.” The amount pledged by the Libyans Pharaonic be compared with the 20 million officially spent by Nicolas Sarkozy during his 2007 presidential campaign.

Bashir Saleh
Saleh Bashir

The former intelligence chief external Muammar Gaddafi says in his note that the agreement referred to is made “after reviewing the minutes of the meeting held on 6.10. 2006, attended by the director on our side of the Libyan intelligence (Abdallah Senussi, ed) and President of Libyan African investment fund (Bashir Saleh, ed), and the French side and Mr. Hortefeux Mr. Ziad Takieddine ” . It would be “over” in this interview that “an agreement was reached to determine the amount and method of payment.” The document does not specify the location of this meeting, which took place one year to the day after a visit of Nicolas Sarkozy in Libya.

Ziad Takieddine, met by Mediapart in the presence of his lawyers, Friday, April 27, did not dispute the authenticity of the document that we presented, but said as Ms. Samia Maktouf, his lawyer, he was not present on the specified day, at this meeting.

“I did not attend this meeting, but it certainly could have taken place, we said Takieddine. Your document reflects an agreement signed by Musa Kusa to support the presidential campaign of Nicolas Sarkozy in 2007, and Hortefeux actually been there at that date and other dates, it is safe. Mr. Musa Kusa and others named were indeed relay with France. “

According to Mr. Takieddine, Claude Gueant, former chief of
staff of Nicolas Sarkozy, and his “intelligence corresponding state,” Bernard Squarcini, were in close conjunction with Mr. Koussa. “This was necessarily secret, given the sensitivity of relations between the intelligence services, “he says, while confirming the involvement, the Libyan side, Bashir Saleh, as representative of the LAP, and Abdallah Senussi himself” in relations Libya with France. “

“I have the items and I will not hesitate to take them out”
Records of travel of Mr. Takieddine, which French justice has a copy for several months, however, show that the businessman was in Tripoli December 9, 2006, the eve of writing the note Musa Kusa. He was also in Libya a few days earlier, on 20 and 21 November.
In an April 25 interview with the weekly Jeune Afrique, Mr. Takieddine said he was informed in March 2011 by Saif al-Islam Gaddafi for the existence of a “payment of money” to the presidential campaign of Nicolas Sarkozy in 2007.

“During my last meeting with Seif al-Islam that I interviewed, I did say:” I have the items and I will not hesitate to take them out, “says Takieddine to Mediapart. Actually He did not think Nicolas Sarkozy would go through. Presumably this is why the system has protected Bashir Saleh (exfiltration and production of a diplomatic passport) and they tried every means to kill Saif al-Islam that was originally of these revelations. Moreover, this explains the welcome Claude Gueant booked me upon my return from Libya, in stopping at the airport (note, March 5,2011), because he could think that I myself was in possession of these documents, in order to steal them.“

MM. Hortefeux Takieddine y, en el año 2005

This is not the first time the name Hortefeux is associated with the financial background of the Franco-Libyan. But the senior member of the UMP, Nicolas Sarkozy intimate, has always denied. “I’ve never met Musa Kusa and Bashir Saleh, said Hortefeux to Mediapart, April 27. I have met Abdallah Senussi, who knew many people, but we never focus on campaign finance. I went to Libya once in my life, in 2005. I therefore opposed a categorical denial and verifiable.”

As Mediapart had reported, the confessions of former doctor Dr. Takieddine, written on paper 20 December 2006 by the director of a Swiss private information, Jean-Charles Brisard, already evoked the name of Mr. Hortefeux in a financing plan of the campaign of Nicolas Sarkozy by Libya in 2007. From a more telegraphic “CAMPAIGN RULES END NS”, “END LIB ME 50″, “ASSEMBLY INCLUDES SOC BH + SWISS BANK PAN (ND)” and “END CAMPAIGN TOTALLY RULE.” The memo also Brisard advancing figure of 50 million euros earmarked for the campaign of Mr. Sarkozy.

“It’s grotesque,” Nicolas Sarkozy had responded on the set of TF1, on March 12. “If he (Gaddafi, ed) had funded (Campaign, ed), I would not have been very grateful ”had joked the president candidate, referring to the French military intervention in Libya. Contacted Friday, April 27, the Elysee Palace declined to make further comments.

The current French Interior Minister, Claude Gueant, chief of staff to place Beauvau Nicolas Sarkozy, in 2006, has himself admitted his repeated contacts with Musa Kusa, early 2007, before the Royal Commission on the release of Bulgarian nurses. The solicitude of France vis-à-vis Saleh Bashir could now be explained by his knowledge of the secret Franco-Libyan heavy. Financial deepening and he himself supervised.

A. Senoussi

A. Senoussi © Reuters
As for Abdallah Senussi, also cited in the note of December 2006, as having participated in preparatory meetings with Hortefeux, regarding funding of the 2007 election campaign, he was arrested a few weeks ago in Mauritania, but no image ‘has confirmed this assertion. It is claimed by Libya, but also by the International Criminal Court (ICC), and France, having been convicted in absentia in Paris in the case of the attack against the UTA DC-10.
One thing is certain however: the NATO forces bombed August 19, 2011 at 5:00 am, the house of Abdallah Senussi, located in the residential area of Gharghour in Tripoli. An Indian cook was killed in the raid and a school had been destroyed. “This is a residential area. Why NATO bombed this site? There are no soldiers here, “had denounced a neighbor, Fawzia Ali, quoted by Agence France Presse.
The answer lies perhaps in the secrets that bind Mr. Senoussi to France. “This is the main indicator of financial corruption and agreements that involved many leaders and countries, including France,” said in March to a Reuters source “highly placed intelligence in Arabic.”

For nearly ten months, Mediapart survey of Libyan secret of Nicolas Sarkozy on his election in 2007 as its president since. This article is part of these investigations in the long term, confirming placing their legitimacy and their severity ( see our further explanation here ).

We understood the magnitude of these Libyan secret at the threshold of summer 2011 with Takieddine documents, uncovered during our investigations on the Karachi affair. This case involves the illegal financing of the presidential campaign conducted in 1995 by Edouard Balladur for the right arm with Nicolas Sarkozy. But this issue has revealed the central role in the first circle of Nicolas Sarkozy, since those years until the aftermath of his election in 2007, Ziad Takieddine, financial intermediary until then virtually unknown, having made a fortune in sales weapons.

From the personal archives of Mr. Takieddine, the documents we began publication in July 2011 showed that in the years preceding his election in 2007, Nicolas Sarkozy and his entourage had established close ties and maintained relations followed with the Libyan regime of Muammar Gaddafi. Financial issues of dating these are explicit in the documents we have revealed and given official recognition in late 2007 with much fanfare by the new French president to Libyan dictator appears as a thanks for services rendered.

This is the context of the investigation, which today leads with the discovery by Mediapart exceptional archive of Ziad Takieddine Libyan including himself, to which we submitted Friday, April 27, says it is authentic. The revelation of this document requires that light be shed on its contents, as it reinforces the suspicion of a huge affair of state: funding for huge amounts of money, the election of the current President of the Republic French by a foreign state, which is more dictatorial.

That France, since, intervened militarily to overthrow this dictatorship only adds to this suspicion.
Musa Kusa signed letter :

Translation of the note.

Libyan Arab Jamahiriya glorious
“No democracy without popular conference”
Date: 10. 12. 2006
Corresponding to: 10. 12. 1375
No. 68 P 1917
Department of External Security
Brother / Chairman of the Libyan African investment fund
Peace be upon you …

In reference to the instructions issued by the liaison office of the General People’s Committee for approval to support the campaign of presidential candidate, Mr / Nicolas Sarkozy, for an amount valued at fifty million euros.

We confirm the agreement in principle on the subject cited above, and having reviewed the minutes of the meeting held on 6. 10. 2006, attended by our side the Director of Libyan intelligence, and the chairman of the Libyan African investment fund, and the French side, Mr / Hortefeux, and Mr. / Ziad Takieddine, and during which an agreement was concluded to determine the amount and method of payment.

Peace be upon you and God’s mercy and blessings …
Musa Kusa Imuhamad
Head of External Security

Source: Médiapart
Saif al-Islam claims that Sarkozy was suborned and then betrayed to Libya


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