Ron Paul’s Defense of Julian Assange & the Worthiness of Protecting Truth for the People

Posted: February 7, 2012 in Uncategorized

  1. What a relief to hear a leader speak these words! We might just save America yet, if Ron Paul’s agenda could become dominant in our foreign policy. We could save our Middle Class, our tax base, our economy, our jobs—

    Ron Paul is staying in the Presidential race to keep these ideas alive in the debate! Thank God somebody is speaking up for America!

    • susy says:

      That’s really great, but he is permanently tarred by the disgusting, ignorant,racist/ homophobic comments he made the 80’s and 90’s. As recently as 1996 he was quoted defending comments in newsletters he now claims were written by some misinformed staffer. Only in 2001 when he figured he could become drum major for the Libertarian’s bandwagon did he start changing his tune. His views may be spot on with regard to some aspects of foreign policy, but like perennial
      Libertarian presidential candidate, Andre Marrou,(deadbeat dad turned school janitor turned Alaska state representative), he’s very educated but horribly flawed. We’re in such sad shape we’re reduced championing the likes of Paul. I love your site,but we can do better than Paul.

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