Assassination of Michael Connell, Karl Rove’s Guru in the “Middleman Black Box” Election Fraud

Posted: January 24, 2012 in Uncategorized
by Bob Levin on Friday, January 20, 2012 at 2:15pm

Michael Connell: Karl Rove’s Republican IT Specialist died in  a private plane crash three days before he was scheduled to testify in court regarding the “Middleman Black-box” Election Fraud,  during both the 2000 and 2004 U.S. Presidential Elections [Monday, December 22, 2008].

Rove had publically rebuked Connell for agreeing to testify. Three days before his scheduled court testimony, Connell went to the airport where his private plane was kept in a hanger. Connell made the statement to airport officials that he wasn’t sure if he should fly and thought someone might have tampered with his aircraft. 

A few minutes after takeoff the plane exploded in midair, and Connell was neutralized.

Within my research there are documented cases of U.S. government assassinations, wrongful deaths, genocide, war crimes, veiled counterintelligence reverse murders, deaths by false flag operations, deaths by means of electronic special warfare testing using involuntary human test animals, and summary executions without legal due process.

The story about Michael Connell’s death was announced in the corporate media only one time.  Connell’s neutralization was predicted by me in a published white paper around the time of the 2008 RNC.

The manifesto was larger in scope, and produced a telephone call from the CIA’s secret facility at Fort Detrick, MD, as well as  a telephonic threat from the Bush White House of an “invented criminal charge” if I tried to publish a book. My invitation for the Bush family to go pound salt up their asses resulted in the continued outing of my clandestine security clearance.

This after a pseudo successful attempt in 1994 by a jackal agent with the Pentagon’s U.S. Navy Department, who operated as a special electronics warfare engineer. The assassination attempt produced a meritorious federal lawsuit against the U.S. government, which  was subsequently sealed. Included within the published manifesto was special insider whistle blower knowledge from a source very close to the U.S. Secret Service, who volunteered that former President George H.W. Bush ordered the aerial test of an electromagnetic pulse radiation weapon over New York City from a refitted A-6E U.S. Military Intruder Jet-bomber.

The resulting regional power blackout extended into Canada, and was responsible for the deaths of a number of U.S. and Canadian citizens. Many of those on medical life support systems  were neutralized by the EMP radiation test. This was not the first or last CIA experiment that used and killed involuntary human test animals for analytical analysis associated with black projects.

My source added that Senator John McCain assigned blame for the regional blackout on a power company engineer, during a senatorial hearing, in exchange for McCain’s military record being sealed for life.

Michael Connell

  1. crystalwolflady says:

    Are you writing the book, now?

  2. crystalwolflady says:

    Sorry Susan, I meant Bob, I will be buying it when it is available!

  3. Bob Levin says:

    Thanks to whoever published this for me. There was a typo that has since been corrected “hangar”; ref. I’m disabled, have optical migraines and a doctor friend told me I am doing the work that should be spread out with an office of people. Ironically I was told I’ll never find employment again in America, have been sanctioned by a clandestine neutralization campaign and am seeking the representation of a Canadian attorney to facilitate my emigration and pathway to citizenship in Canada. Best wishes; Bob Levin

    *Drafting copy for an major update on my website.

  4. S.H. Johnson says:

    He didn’t die after take off, Rove didn’t go public, there was no date set for him to testify again – are these details wrong on purpose?

    This seems like someone trying to make foul play theorists look bad by getting so many facts wrong in the first paragraph.

  5. five words says:

    Reblogged this on Desktop Publishers.

  6. Stuart Varney says:

    This story was told by a professional journalist, Simon Worrall. You should change your claim of “assassination” to a theory until you can show proof beyond motive. Speculation and journalism need a healthy separation.

    • Bob Levin does excellent research. I don’t know Simon Worrall, but I know many other “professional journalists” who have failed the public by tailoring articles to suit the politicians. That doesn’t buy much with me.

  7. nomadicview says:

    Here’s more information on this very interesting story.

  8. Coosah Cheveyo says:

    Mike Connell died when his plane crashed in Ohio.. There were lots of unanswered questions about the crash (still are), including his missing Blackberry was never found.. You Tube has a number of videos of people involved and investigating the 2004 Ohio presidential election and the mysterious death of Mr. Connell.

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