Uncanny Predictions for 2012— from 30 years ago

Posted: January 11, 2012 in Uncategorized
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Some of you will be miffed that I would post this— When you see it, I trust many of you will reconsider.  These predictions from 1980 reveal uncanny and extraordinary accuracy.  Really it should blow your mind.  It’s a 6 minute video with English sub-titles.


  1. greenguy says:

    This is VERY interesting and a great share!

  2. sneditions says:

    QUITE AN INTERVIEW SUSAN! THIRTY YEARS AGO?? 1980? 2012 is end of Mayan calendar??? but im sceptical so educated guesswork fits most of what he said.Id love to know what he said about France???

  3. crystalwolflady says:

    When the melt-down in Japan happened I was so surprised to see how close it was to Russia…I just read this a blog it might be too “tin foil hat” to post but considering what this guy said, things could change in 30 yrs and that would fit with this.
    Susan I will leave it up to you to post this or not:
    Pretty amazing all in all.

  4. Christine Natale says:

    I would like to know more about who this person is and how he came to be interviewed in this way and how and why this clip is surfacing now. Lots of questions.

  5. Phil B. says:

    Many forums are pointing to a guy called Jacques Nietzermann. He would have been arrested in le Mans (Sarthe) France. If you look at the scan of the article online, the pope visited Paris in mai 1980 when Jacques Chirac was the mayor of the city of lights. All the dates in the video and the article come out ok. He would be 72 in 2012. It’s the alien part that makes the man sound completely out of it! I just hope that no CIA contact is being asked to say to the Iranian diplomats that If USA is hit by extra-terrestrials and they find out that Iran know about it, this will be an immediate declaration of war! 😉 Best Regards

  6. puzzler says:

    Anyone know what this guy was arrested for??? Was it political? Was he innocent or framed? Would he be 62 or 72? Also, since this seems more than just educated guesses, could the video have been faked to look like 1980? Is this video technically comparable to the ones that we had in 1980? Why did he go back to France? How did the video come to be released?

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