What CNN isn’t saying about Libya’s Resistance

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Go to this link at Libya Against Super Power Media for the full panoply of action on the Libyan Resistance. I’m having trouble copying it, but everybody’s got to see it. There’s more photographs and videos to illustrate every bullet of the story. It’s terrific!


Libya resistance news: 07. January 2012.
23h/ #Libya #Afghanistan #Sirya #Iran #NATO killing machine #LIVE #video . Well. At least they’re enjoying themselves. It must be such a pleasure to blow up people without having to see the carnage on the ground, without knowing about these anonymous spots and their families. Yep, that’s humanitarian work for them. – >


Libya becoming like Mali — thirst -no water -no electricity -shortages of food etc.. Gaddafi will be considered God-like one day by Libyans, after NATO finishes with its pro-democratic ‘reforms’

22h/ Jordan : Apparently 13 000 injured Libyan ‘rebels’ are crowding hospitals of the Kingdom of Jordan alone, which led to the inability ofJordanians to be treated at their own state hospitals cause they are completely filled.

21h/ Tripoli – Sounds of gunfire in the glorified Tajoura. Eye-witnesses confirmed the passage of a convoy of seven cars now heading to Tajoura, bulls from Friday Market.

20h/ No water in Tripoli – thanks to NATO incited ‘ revolution ’. This is the only water in Tripoli at the moment, demand for it is increasing dramaticaly.. People are thirsty, dirty, don’t have water to cook food, to wash babies, patients, hospitals in 21st century etc – but they have DEMOCRACY? O, no, wait, not even that..

19h/ Even Libyan rebels are exposing lies of Iman Al Obeidi (the most famous fake ‘raped victim’ in the world, the protege of Hillary Clinton)

18h/ This divorced lady, a mother for 3 handicapped kids she lost her house after the NATO and it mercenaries bombed the house and destroyed it so now she is in the street without home and nobody care about her from the NTC member!


17h/ BREAKING NEWS Libya : So-called ‘democracy seeking’ revolutionaries have severely beaten Al Arabiya TV cameraman Muhammad Al Samuni after they recognized him, he is now at the headquarters of the so-called security apparatus in Tripoli

16h/ Scandal Must See This is how much “REPORTERS WITHOUT BORDERS“ are objective!! Look at their festivities card!!

Reporters without borders of shame

14h/ NATO countries are being shipped oil, (also to gas and oil rich Qatar)free of charge under a payback arrangement with NATO for its regime change services.

13h/ Post-Gadhafi Libya: Naked Neo-Imperialism

12h/ Muslim Brotherhood Strongest Contender in Libya’s Coming Elections – The reason is that the new Election Law bars any Candidates who have participated in Libya’s government in the past 40 years. That eliminates all candidates who have lived inside the country. the MB is in such a relatively strong position is that is has the support of Qatar, and assistance from the well-established MB organizations in Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco, Algeria, and Turkey. The flights arriving in Tripoli from Egypt are always full.

Some US officials are reported to believe that an unstoppable Muslim Brotherhood arc or crescent is quickly jelling across the Magreb, as it grows also in Turkey and that the MB will dominate in Syria when and if the Assad government is toppled. [FRANKLIN LAMB] – >http://www.counterpunch.org/2012/01/06/muslim-brotherhood-strongest-contender-in-libya%E2%80%99s-coming-elections/

11h/Libyan Violence and Instability – NATO’s killing machine destroyed 42 years of achievements, benefitting all Libyans. Gaddafi’s vision marked him for removal.If Western nations matched him, imperial wars would end. So would homelessness, hunger and human deprivation. Instead, “new world order” imperialists want super-wealth and power solely for themselves.
Libya was one of many targets. Others will follow to extinguish freedom everywhere if they succeed. [ Stephen Lendman ]- >http://chicago.indymedia.org/newswire/display/95597/index.php

06. January 2012.
24h/ BERNARD-HENRI LÉVY or BHL:The verbal fig leaf for the interests of Zionist AGAIN HAVE OPPINION [ Not just anyone can be The Whore of Babylon ] Qaddafi brought war upon himself, says architect of Libyan intervention – Lévy said, however, that the situation in Syria is different, basically because Syrian revolutionaries did not ask for foreign intervention.

“But if they do, I will most probably do my best to convince Sarkozy to interfere.”

23h/ Tarhouni acknowledged that such a low representation of women in government– only 10% in the NTC vision– isn’t acceptable in a country where women are highly educated and there are “more women physicians than there are men.”

  1. Well

    What can one expect for a bunch of psychopaths?

    Only in Amerika 😦

    Love “Light” and Energy


    • dr surinder singh sidhu MD Jalandhar.For how long this homicide will continue.We condemn it and demand death for the killers of innocent people says:

      the innocents getting killed and uncle sam is laughing

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