Whistleblowers Demonized– Susan Lindauer on RT

Posted: December 21, 2011 in Uncategorized
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Under Obama’s term as president there has been more people prosecuted for whistle blowing than all other US presidents combined. Bradley Manning, the latest whistle blower, is being held on trial for releasing video exposing a US Apache helicopter shooting and killing civilians and journalists in Baghdad. Some say Manning is a hero, but he is being charged with aiding the enemy. Susan Lindauer, former CIA asset, gives us her taking on whistle blowing.

    • crystalwolflady says:

      Susan please make it clear you were arrested under the Bush administration.
      Also, the lawmakers are now GOP majority. And you were Released under the Obama Administration.
      I saw the video and it was indeed War crimes. It was horrid.
      But look who the lawmakers are?????

  1. Happy New Year Lady Susan

    Trust that we have crossed paths many times in the past (byway of Andrew Card you find very interesting)It is interesting to me that we have the same birthday (although I am older I believe we may ave kindred souls)

    Trust I have been trying to talk to you for years, yet I bet not one of your friends or mine even mentioned my name to you.

    I can easily see that you are a very clever lady. More importantly you are a very ethical firecracker and DEFINITELY not crazy at all. You still have my respect despite the fact I have not respect for some of our “Internet friends”

    Please for the benefit of all and yours and mine in particular Simply Google My name and certain expressions so that you can sort the truth from fiction for yourself and give me a call sometime soon or send me your phone number etc

    Try Googling David Amos Bank Fraud

    or David Amos Madoff

    or David Amos Occupy Wall Street

    or David Amos Assange

    I sure you agree that if a person knows too much it is wise to make certain that everybody knows the same stuff

    Best Regards and
    Veritas Vincit
    David Raymond Amos
    902 800 0369

  2. George says:

    The US federal government is a pile of corrupt s**t. I wish some other nations would band together and attack the USA, specifically government agencies/buildings such as the white house, CIA, NSA, pentagon, the federal reserve main banks, military bases, and the IRS thus wiping out millions of corrupt unethical people who really aren’t Americans but more like domestic enemies that are destroying the USA. The USA, under orders from the federal reserve bank cartel, united nations (war mongers), so called “defense” contractors (more like death merchants) have brought so much war, pain and suffering to innocent people all over the globe that it’s only fair that they eventually ave war brought to their doorstep, literally. I hate the USA now that I am aware of what this nation really is, it is a nation that can be described in few words: fraud, bully, warmongers.

  3. OT: http://bit.ly/Jvklpc “Were Real Persons Murdered on 9/11?”
    I think you touched on the names in your book? I will have to go look up. But this is very interesting…and scary as hell as all things connected with 911.

  4. Balaji says:

    Hi Susan,

    you’re truly a brave person. ‘they’ must be following you for revealing what they dont want people to hear. Be the best you can !

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