Best explanation of Iraq War — Scott Mack

Posted: November 27, 2011 in Uncategorized

Many would say Iraq was all about gaining access to the resources in the ground. I believe three other factors out-weighed that reason.

1) Saddam had stopped accepting payment for Iraq’s oil in American dollars, and had switched to being… paid in Euros. If other Middle Eastern countries had followed his lead, the American dollar would have been reduced to a third world currency.

2) With the sanctions about to expire, Iraq’s oil infrastructure could have been restored, Saddam desperately needed money and would have flooded the global markets with Iraq’s oil, this would have caused the price of oil to plunge. Something people like Cheney, Rice, and Bush did not want to see.

3) With no discoveries of large new oil fields in the past decade, the belief is all of the world’s recoverable oil has already been found. Most DC politicians believe that countries like Iraq should hold their reserves until countries like America say they should be tapped.

  1. mohammed ali jawaid says:

    all three don’t out-weigh the major perception rather covers all three reasons stated above. once you control the resources you can use them the way you like in all three cases, isn’t it?

  2. Miira says:

    He too got killed based on lies. That was wrong. He cooperated well with the West, so I heard and wanted dialog.

    Well, countries are not run to according to rules but according to mobster techniques. The more leaders get killed this way, the less anybody wants to lead anything, as kids also get killed.

    It’s all very disgusting how people get demonized. Iraq was better off before the invasion. Every country will always be better off without war at this point.

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