Attacks against NATO Mercenaries Reported in Central Libya

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According to reports from Libyan Resistance, at least 20 NATO Mercenaries killed in Bani Walid and around 30 in Sabha. In Bani Walid two armed vehicles were destroyed and at least 20 fighters killed when their convoy was hit from hidden locations. In Sabha a large bus carrying fighters was blown up, it is yet unclear whether an IED was responsible or a missile.

This comes as NATO has unveiled an occupying regime, important positions have been given to NATO agents, such as finance ministry, head of the military, oil ministry, foreign ministry…

Protests was reported in Benghazi, Tripoli and other towns soon after the declaration of the regime, NATO Mercenaries used live rounds to quickly disperse the protests. It is not clear whether anyone has been killed in the crackdowns against protesters.

The Jamahiriya Continues
Posted: 2011/11/23
From: Mathaba

A source at Mathaba has issued an 8 point guide regarding the status of Seif-Al-Islam Al-Qaddafi and the green jamahiri movement. Notice this enumerates positions of the Libyan Liberation Front, as it continues to fight what it considers to be a NATO Occupation and Europe’s preferred leadership.

1. Seif-al-Islam al-Qaddafi is not the leader of the resistance nor of the Libyan revolution. He is as every other Libyan citizen who should have his rights and freedoms guaranteed as per the Great Green Charter of Human Rights and Freedoms, legislated by the People’s Conferences since 1988. His individual status does not affect the green Libyan resistance which is struggling to reinstate those rights and freedoms which have been trashed by the mercenary invasion and occupation of Libyan territories, a situation which is rejected by the masses and truth-loving people everywhere.

2. Seif-al-Islam along with other persons bears a significant responsibility for the circumventing of the Jamahiri system of direct participatory democracy in assisting to positions of authority numerous agents which paved the way for the conspiracy against the Libyan Al-Fateh Revolution. He has acknowledged his errors and made sincere amends, standing by the side of the Leader of the Revolution since the first day the conspiracy became apparent, and even taking up the armed resistance struggle in defense of the rights and freedoms of the Libyan people alongside the masses.

3. Only a competent authority under the Jamahiriya can undertake a full investigation of any abuses of power or circumvention of Jamahiriya laws and pronounce a judgement on the issue. The foreign imperialist entities have no history of justice, no intention of justice, and no mechanism for justice, and are thus non-entities in the arena of justice. All international human rights organizations stand naked in front of the world, alongside news media organs, governments, and other international organizations, as opposed to interests and wishes of the world masses. They must all be tried for crimes against peace and crimes against humanity.

4. False statements have appeared on various blog sites and social media networks in recent weeks and months, some of which were attributed to Seif-al-Islam al-Qaddafi and other leading personalities. It is not possible on each and every occasion to pronounce statements as false. A total communications and media black-out by the Euro-American forces and Arab mercenaries is in place. The leader does not have social media accounts. Seif-al-Islam’s social media accounts have been hi-jacked since the outset of the conspiracy. Social media and blogs are not vehicles used to issue communications from any of the Qaddafi family.

5. The struggle does not depend on what is said in the media, nor on personalities. The rights and freedoms of the Jamahiriya are ingrained in the hearts of all free Libyans and freedom-loving people. All sound, images, and video can be forged and manipulated. The Green Book is unchanged, The Green Charter is unchanged, the policies as of 2010 are unchanged as the People’s Conferences in the Great Socialist People’s Libyan Arab Jamahiriya, which make up all citizens of Libya without deputation, have been prevented from convening, and thus all elections and democratic participation, by the imposed European-American war against Libya in conjunction with Al-Qaida, mercenaries and Gulf dictatorships.

6. If any person disappears, loses communication, is martyred, murdered, held captive or otherwise indisposed, it does not affect the goals of the resistance which is to return the Libyan masses to power, and for the rights and freedoms of the Green Charter to be reinstated. Nor does it affect the burgeoning world-wide movement of the green charter committees, which is alongside other mass movements for people’s authority gaining strength and momentum. Every step taken by the enemies of freedom in Libya, only highlights the noble and pure principles of the International Green Charter Movement, guided by the International Green Charter.

7. The nature of the Green Charter Movement which includes revolutionary committees is that it is not led by personalities but by a clear ideology and platform. This ideology, the Third Universal Theory, is set forth in The Green Book, and the platform is The Green Charter. The International People’s Conference Organization and the Green Charter Movement are to publish clearer definitions and parameters to explain the workings of the People’s Conferences and People’s Committees, so that the world wide movement for freedom and direct participatory democracy will have references in spite of the destruction of Libyan Jamahiriya web sites.

8. The priority and help required from all supporters around the world, who stand by the Libyan Jamahiriya is not the discussion of the veracity of various news items that appear in the hostile media trumpets, but the ongoing work to collect and document the serious and actual crimes committed, to study The Green Book as a means of achieving the rights and freedoms of The Green Charter in all societies, and to build the Green Charter Movement worldwide by sharing information and knowledge about the achievements of the Jamahiriya and to study and propagate the teachings of the Leader of the Revolution, Muammar Qaddafi.
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