President John F. Kennedy on the Responsibilities of Leadership

Posted: September 20, 2011 in Uncategorized

  1. Burkely Hermann says:

    I like the combining of parts of the “secret society” speech with Dr. Martin Luther King and numerous quotes. That was interesting history. But, you must acknowledge that the point of that speech was not to criticize secret societies, but to attack newspapers from publishing on the Bay of Pigs invasion before it happened. Even John F. Kennedy’s administration was not an open government, telling people everything they did. I also debate if the speech had the power to get him killed. To get elected, his father dealt with the mafia, winning him the popular vote (which wasn’t needed) and the electoral college. At the end, the video advertises Ron Paul. I am wary of supporting him as he is really pretty pro-corporate. There is some promising ideas, but others will be outlandish (not supporting Civil Rights Act, women’s right to choose, etc…). In two writing pieces, I talked about him in terms of the Federal Reserve ( and his general policy, including his voting record ( For me, I’m about half and half on Ron Paul. 1/2 for and 1/2 against.

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