The Terrifying Story of the Patriot Act and the Cover Ups of 9/11 and Iraq


What if the government decided to invent a great lie to sell a disastrous war and a questionable anti-terrorism policy? What would happen to the Assets who know the truth?

In the new second edition, former CIA Asset, Susan Lindauer, provides an extraordinary first-hand account from behind the intelligence curtain that shatters the government’s lies about 9/11 and Iraq, and casts a harsh spotlight on the workings of the Patriot Act as the ideal weapon to bludgeon whistle blowers and dissidents. A terrifying true story of “black budget” betrayals and the Patriot Act, with its arsenal of secret evidence, indefinite detention and threats of forcible drugging, EXTREME PREJUDICE reveals one Asset’s desperate struggle to survive the brutal cover ups of 9/11 and Iraq.

EXTREME PREJUDICE delivers a high tension expose of the real facts surrounding the CIA’s advance warnings of 9/11 and Iraq’s contributions to the 9/11 investigation. For the first time, it reveals the existence of a comprehensive peace framework, which would have accomplished all major U.S. objectives in Baghdad without a single casualty. A true life spy thriller that goes inside the Iraqi Embassy and prison on a Texas military base, EXTREME PREJUDICE reveals the depths of deception by leaders in Washington and London to promote a questionable image of their successful anti-terrorism policy, and the shocking brutality used to suppress the truth of their failures from the American people and the world community.

Above all, EXTREME PREJUDICE  offers a critical examination  of the Patriot Act’s assault on defendant rights in the Courts, when liberty and freedom to dissent from government policy are the highest stakes.  EXTREME PREJUDICE is a personal narrative accessible to all audiences, not an academic book.

“Susan Lindauer deserves unreserved admiration for this brave and moving account of her steadfast refusal to crumble under the shameful abuses to which she was subjected. She has provided us with an overdue exposure of the depths to which governments are all too prepared to descend to prevent disclosure of their dishonesty and malfeasance, her knowledge having been gained through bitter personal experience.” –Robert Black, Q.C., Scottish architect of the Lockerbie Trial at CampZeist

“Unfolds like a suspense thriller from deep within the struggle for global sanity, at the hands of those perpetrating dark secrecy. Lindauer reveals faces of our national truth few Americans imagine. Chilling, heartbreaking, horrifying and hopeful, EXTREME PREJUDICE offers a depth of historical insight critical to transforming our future. Pay attention.” –Janice Matthews, Director, 911Truth.org

“All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.” Arthur Schopenhauer (1788 – 1860)


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  2. Highschoolmate says:

    Hello Susie,
    We were schoolmates in Anchorage, sharing many honors classes together. I always felt that you were going to do great things but never imagined to read about you in media headlines. I will make time to read your book – did you write about your days in Alaska?

    Write me to the email I posted with.

  3. R.E.Boyd says:

    i sure am glad to see some truth appearing in some media at least.It would be nice to see the mainstream media corparations acknowledge truthfull facts instead of propogating obvious lies and attempted cover-ups.When are the “bush cheney gang”going to be held accountable for their treasonous acts?I refuse to capitalize their names because i don’t believe the filthy miscreants deserve it!

  4. […] Arrested under the Patriot Act as an Iraqi agent, Susan Lindauer was indicted-an indictment loaded with “secret charges” and “secret evidence.” She was subjected to one year in prison on Carswell Air Force Base in Fort Worth, Texas without a trial or hearing, and threatened with indefinite detention and forcible drugging to shut her up. After five years of indictment without a conviction or guilty plea, the Justice Department dismissed all charges five days before President Obama’s inauguration.  Buy the book… […]

  5. Joe LAm says:

    Just heard you on Mark Glenn show.. Thank you for what you do Susan!

    I never buy books, but yours is a must get for me 🙂

  6. delanastraub says:

    I heard you on Mark Glen. Thanks for confirming what we knew all along. I am glad you told us….I didn’t know that you all knew in the CIA since April/May. I had a question…your handler, Richard, knew the people with the cameras are Mossad. Ok, we knew they were sent in to doccument this…ok, we know that they at the very least were knowing about the 9/11 thing, but how deep were they involved in this? Was it just a case of them only knowing about this and not telling us, which is bad enough, or were they actually involved in it and did it? Or was this a case of them simply knowing about it and training the patsis involved on 9/11? Was it actually the Muslims who did this, the ones we’ve been led to believe did it? I also did not know that Saddam was cooperating and giving the United States what they wanted after the first Gulf War. Thanks for that. Seems like once you wake up, you still learn something new every day. You can get ahold of me at my email which is doutchess_72@yahoo.com if you answer what I asked, if you can. If not, it’s ok, good work anyway.

  7. S says:

    Dear Ms. Lindauer,

    Your honesty and bravery are exemplary. Listening to you on RBN last night was too short (only two hours!) and very touching. Your story is one that could be that of a sister, a daughter, a mother… Hopefully we can spread the knowledge of what has happened to you and finally see the Patriot Act(s) repealed.

    May you be divinely comforted.

    Prayerfully yours,


  8. Beth says:

    Dear Susan,
    Just heard you on The Intel Hub Radio and was amazed at your information and bravery for bringing this much needed info to the forefront. I immediately ordered your book and look forward to reading it. This needs to be splashed all over the headlines everywhere, but, knowing how cowardly and corrupt the main stream media is, thank goodness for alternative media. I hope the interviews you have done will go viral!!!
    Best of luck, stay safe and thank you.

  9. fellist says:

    Just a thank you to Susan Lindauer. Heard your interview with Mark Glenn of ‘Ugly Truth’ — will buy the book.

  10. Shirley Moore says:

    Glad to see that your book is doing well and I am so happy that we became friend..

    Your Friend,
    S. Moore

  11. Greetings, Thanks so much for your inspirational words. I’m very intrigued to help you. I’m traveling until Tuesday night, but I will phone you Wednesday@ You’re absolutely correct that Carol Moseley Braun would be the most disastrous mayor Chicago ever had. I have a rebuttal to her comment that will help you a lot: She probably doesn’t remember working with me, because she was rarely in the office working at all. She’d only come in a couple of hours a day, and she refused to take meetings. (Oh yes, she’s much worse than you think). We’ll talk on Wednesday.

  12. Robert, I don’t know how to use Facebook and I’m somewhat scared of trolls pounding it. Would I have the ability to delete their comments?


    • Thanks Guinnevere, I’m mustering up to start a real Facebook page. There’s so much happening rightnow that it’s taking me longer than I planned. But I”m definitely goingto do it.

  13. Violet White says:

    thank you – noticed your book on amazon and felt it was urgent to buy it. It has provided so much clear info at such a key point in history …. the devil is in the detail but truly it’s God’s canvas and timing……went on to read Jim Douglass book on JFK and then started spreading the word about Bradley Manning’s detention. If it hadn’t been for your book, I wouldn’t have understood the potential of torture by psychiatry and it has inspired me to pray constantly for him that he will be upheld. Likewise, I had very little understanding of the suffering Iraq was subjected to even before the war and I am indebted to you for the wake up call. Every work of redemption is rooted in the suffering of the disciple and your book is no exception – thank you for being prepared to pay the true price of being a channel of grace. Your book is now being passed around and generating much helpful discussion. Bless you, much love, Violet xxxx……'”the dark places of the earth are full of the habitations of cruelty” I heard, and the word: “Walk in them in fealty”‘

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  15. I’m just not a great Techie—- which used to get a lot of jokes.

  16. […] 5-year ordeal. Will Durst offers comments on Reagan’s 100th birthday, Lindauer’s new book is Extreme Prejudice: The Terrifying Story of the Patriot Act and the Cover-ups of 9/11 and Iraq […]

  17. Anon Mostly says:

    Ms. Lindauer,
    On behalf of Americans in search for truth, I bow to you in admiration for your courage and devotion to truth. Your talk shows on Intel Hub were amazingly both interesting and entertaining (you’ve got a great sense of humor, too:) We follow your greatness in your shawdow, hoping to one day lead all to truth and end this massive corruption which encircles our secret government which enslaves us people. May God keep you safe.

  18. Susan

    Did you see this:


    The SOBs are starting to runnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn for cover!


    BTY: Great interviews with Peter Collins/Intel Hub 🙂

    • Oh the Bastard!!!! Colin Powell’s a crook. The real kind. When you read my book, you’ll see that I actually delivered the peace framework to Andy Card AND Colin Powell. Both of them got it. Before his speech at the U.N. I warned Colin Powell to distrust weapons reports from the Iraqi exiles, and debriefed him on Iraq’s consistent desire to resume the weapons inspections. It’s very different than what you were told. What even more offensive, on Sept 8, 2005, Colin Powell gave an exclusive interview to Barbara Walters on 20/20, complaining how nobody warned him about faulty intelligence. On September 23, I was ordered to surrender to prison on October 3– 10 DAYS– with no hearing, no trial, no guilty plea. The prison was inside Carswell Airforce Base. The prison surrender came down exactly when Colin Powell launched his campaign to whitewash the blood and dirt off his reputation. Sleazy!!

      P.S. I’m glad you enjoyed the interviews on Peter Collins & the Intel Hub. I’m on Wayne Madsen Saturday, and I will definitely raise this point.

  19. Esther Schmeer says:

    With every single person who speaks the truth and conquers their fear, hope for this world is generated. Thank you.

    • This is a thank you to Everybody who has been so gracious as Esther. There’s a great awakening underway in America, and all of us together are going to save this country. We’re not going to hand over our country and forsake the principles of freedom.

      I”m about to mis-quote Thomas Jefferson, and please feel free to correct me: “It is necessary to spill the blood of Patriots and tyrants in order to replenish freedom.”

      “The price of freedom is eternal vigilance.”

      Here’s to all the Patriots! May we all triumph together over the tyrants who have tried to take our country from us!

  20. Girl

    Keep this thread alive; did you do your interview with Wayne Madsen? Please keep U.S. up-to-date.

    Stay good in kind to yourself!


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  22. time2compose says:

    Heard about you and can’t wait to read your book. May Allah (swt) keep you.

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  24. pdueba says:

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  26. […] Susan Lindauer worked as a US intelligence asset and covered anti-terrorism at the Iraqi embassy in New York from 1996 up to the invasion.  Indepedent sources have confirmed that she gave advance warning about the 9/11 attacks.  In early 2004 Lindauer requested to testify before Congress about successful elements of Pre-war intelligence, and also delivered a letter to her second cousin white House Chief of Staff Andy Card and Colin Powell warning of the dire consequences of War with Iraq.  Shortly after, Lindauer became one of the first non-Arab Americans arrested under the Patriot Act and was indicated for acting as an “unregistered Iraqi Agent”.  She was subjected to one year in prison on Carswell Air Force Base in Fort Worth, Texas without a trial or hearing, and threatened with indefinite detention and forcible drugging to shut her up. After five years of indictment without a conviction or guilty plea, the Justice Department dismissed all charges five days before President Obama’s inauguration. […]

  27. Luath says:

    Why would a CIA asset all of a sudden develop a conscience and spill the beans? What took her so long? Its not that I don’t believe her, I do. I think she is correct in her conclusions…..but its taken 10 years?? Why now? Furthermore, after all we have heard about the CIA and its nefarious deeds, why would they allow her to tell the truth, and why is she still alive? Lesser people with lesser nuggets of truth have been disappeared for much less, and yet, not this one? Something doesn’t add up.

    • It’s not called “Extreme Prejudice” without good reason! When I requested to testify before Congress in March 2004, I got arrested on the Patriot Act and subjected to 5 years of indictment without a trial. I was imprisoned on Carswell Air Force Base in Fort Worth, Texas, where I successfully blocked a Justice Dept request to forcibly drug me with Haldol, Prozac and Ativan– until I could be “cured” of knowing the facts about 9/11 and Iraqi Pre-War Intelligence. It was one of the most corrupt cover ups on record. I’m still amazed myself that I survived!

  28. dragonfly says:

    Thanks Ms. Lindauer, I don’t know how you can be so brave. Makes me realize I have nothing to be paranoid about. I just learned about you this morning from a comment here http://www.opednews.com/articles/Brainwashing-Is-Real-and-I-by-Marcus-Chatfield-110916-254.html …thanks for all you do!

  29. Pennie B says:

    Thank you Ms. Lindauer. You are a brave lady.

    If something doesn’t make sense, it means it isn’t true, or you don’t have all the information. There are still gaps and many unknowns but, thanks to you, the picture of 9/11 and the lies surrounding the Iraq war are clearer. Your contribution makes sense.

    I’m confident there will be other whistle-blowers. As people with information retire or approach the end of their lives, maybe discovering a conscience they are still unaware of possessing, more information will leak out. There ARE people of integrity out there and at some point there will be a critical mass and the mainstream media will be unable to ignore it any longer.

    I hope those of us who doubt the official story and those, like yourself, who know the truth are still alive to see that day. I also hope those who planned, executed and covered up the truth are also still alive… though for different reasons.

  30. Just heard you on Mark Glenn show.. Thank you for what you do Susan!

    I never buy books, but yours is a must get for me

  31. BeachN says:

    Thank God someone in this country is speaking out… It is time for an awakening all over the globe and a sharing of information. Many have been enlightened as to how our government operates …The BP oil disaster caused a profound awakening along the Gulf Coast as to who makes the decisions in this country. Big Corporations and the Elite. We saw who was calling the shots first hand. We all have our eyes wide open… What is so hard about doing what is right for humanity?? What is so wrong with wanting your government to once again be For The People By The People? America is awake now…..and we want our country back…. Those who have done evil need to stand trial….We are the majority…are we not? There is no reason for things to be as they are….Lift up your voice and demand what is rightfully ours without greed getting in the way of any decision making…Demand past elections be investigated….Demand inquiries into certain Governmental officials and corporations. Demand Tesla’s work be brought forward to save this country’s man created energy nightmare..Demand what this country deserves , what YOU deserve…. Let your voices be heard and demand…don’t ask… We have asked long enough.
    Thank you so much Susan… You are one amazing person..

    • Thank you so much!!! We’re in this together!!! For the next 12 months, I have one mission in life— to work full time to take back our country! The 2012 elections are going to be pivotal. Americans of all political stripes have got to voice our demands— and THROW THE BUMS OUT!!!

  32. HERVE says:

    According to Mr Hopsicker, Mohammed Atta started to fly with Huffman Aviation at the small airport of Venice in Florida. There is reportedly a strong CIA presence at this airport.


    Besides, the following article says Mr Atta also flied with Kemper Aviation where another CIA agent, Jean-François Buslik, was working.


    How is it possible that Mr Atta flied in two CIA-controlled airports ?


  33. Hi Susan, I read the Amazon reviewer who said you were a little self-indulgent. Your reply was on the money. I posted a comment there, too and repeat it here:

    “I am currently reading your book and I agree, Susan, that what you wrote requires not the dry, vicarious writing of a distant analyzer. it is your own experience AND emotions that make the book productive. I am a lawyer and accustomed to probing deeply for proper evidence that passes muster with courts. I would put you on the witness stand any day. Your psychic experiences do not undermine anything you have to say.”

    I applaud you!

    • Thank you so much! It makes me feel so good to hear from readers. Imagine the insults that I have endured for so many years, while I was prohibited from defending my reputation in Court. I expect a resurgence in the attacks in the next few months, because my story reveals a genuine corruption in the Neo-Conservative Movement — which quickly alienates and appalls American voters. They crave power above anything else, and they have no morality or positive values of any kind. I”m proud to have stood against them. I paid a high price, but my sense of my purpose has stayed rock solid. I am not deterred at all.

  34. Lawrence says:

    Dear Susan.

    I have listened to your talks in Seatle and elsewhere, I have read over the testimonies here and read the September 6 2006 court document about your case. I’m now in the middle of reading your book, and the more I read the more I admire your talent in being able to verbalize so well your extraordinary experience.

    What you have said about what really happened with the Lockerbie bombing — have you ever looked into Gordon Thomas’ “Gideon’s Spies: The Secret History of Mossad” (1999 edition), p. 328? Thomas there recounts the report made by Yuval Aviv who was hired by the airline to investigate the matter. The report says very similar thing to what you have recounted: that CIA had a rogue team COREA which was smuggling drug from the Middle East to US, and US Army major Charles McKee, who was on the Lockerbie flight, planned to expose it. The CIA thus decided to kill him. COREA was working with Al-Kassar who was linked to the Abu Nidal organization and they together loaded up a bomb to the Lockerbie flight when it was transferring in Frankfurt. This scenario roughly corresponds to yours, so I just want to point it out to you in case you aren’t aware of this reference. I share your aversion toward CIA’s framing of the innocent Libyan agent even though lying, cheating, and framing people is the typical trade of the intelligence agency.

    Reading about those psychiatric experts’ testimonies about you (Dr Kleinman and Dr Drob) really gets my blood boiled. I have had similar experiences and I can hardly bring my experiences into words as well as you do. It certainly requires above-average intelligence and extraordinary sanity to be able to communicate your experience with the devious world of intelligence operations in a logically coherent and poetically worded narrative such as you have done. I wish I have as much talent as you do to do the same with my experiences. This is why I find you so admirable. And yet these stupid doctors just have to describe you as the opposite of what you really are, as delusional and insane. Dr Kleinman thought you delusional just because you happened to notice you were under surveillance — as if the close to a million workers in the Homeland Security industrial complex were just playing video games in their offices everyday and have never been watching any one, so that anyone who says she is being watched has to be delusional. And even Dr Drob considered your experience as a CIA asset “unlikely” — so, according to “mental health” authorities, you are only sane if you are completely insensitive to what is going on around you and are never doing more than the most usual jobs. Believe me I can sympathize with you because I have had similar experiences.

    What you have proven is that you have exceptional ability. After being wrongfully locked up for 5 years, you are able to recover, write out your experience in such a beautiful narrative as I have noted, publish it all by yourself, and establish yourself as legitimate on the Internet and in alternative media. Do you know how few people can do this? Most people who have been victims of intelligence operations and government coverup can only articulate their experiences disjointly and incoherently.

    I have read 50 pages or so of your book on Amazon, and have just ordered it. I hope some day you will have a book signing in California!

    • You are so kind, Lawrence! That makes me feel so good! Though my story touches on so many contemporary issues, the corporate media refuses to acknowledge me. The media are like the three monkeys: Hear no evil. See no evil. Speak no truth. They persist in denying what’s right in front of them. But Americans are not fooled any more. I feel like my story has got to be told, so that we can stop this madness from pulling down the best parts of America. We’re in serious trouble on the freedom front. I think Thomas Jefferson said that a democracy needs a revolution every once in awhile. We might be heading that way!

    • And you’re absolutely right about COREA– and the CIA hit on McKee!

  35. Hi Susan — I just finished reading your book. You are a national treasure and someday you will be held up as a hero to mainstream America — although maybe not yet in your lifetime, but eventually that is your fate. History will absolve you.

    You told Dr. Kleinman that you would sue him for lying to the court. Did you at least file a complaint against him and lDr. Drob? I know you had tremendous reason to be angry, but I must say, and I say so with all due respect to you, that I regret that in your meeting with Kleinman you used so much profanity.

    As an attorney myself, I was angered by Talkin’s lack of faith in you. He was clueless to see that your case could have made him a star attorney. Instead of rising to the occasion with this enviable challenge, he slunk low to the ground like a lizard under the feet of the government. I looked up his website online and wonder how he can get clients after you exposed his inability to stand up to power, his double-crossing his own client, his refusal to fight hard for his client. In that secret meeting he had with the prosecutor do you suppose they threatened his professional status and livelihood (subtly or outright) if he didn’t cooperate with them in a joint effort to silence you?

    • It was such a betrayal on so many levels! Extreme Prejudice was highly cathartic. I’m blushing that you call me a “national treasure.” In a secret place in my heart, I do hope that history will absolve me. It’s been a long, hard fight. And I still get hammered by trolls who have tried endlessly to find excuses to question me. On that note, if you have the chance, I would be so honored if you would go on Amazon, and leave a short review. A couple of sentences or a paragraph would be enough. I understand if it’s time consuming. I’m determined to carry this fight into the 2012 elections– though everyone will focus on the economy– I’m going to need as much support as I can get to make this stand!

  36. crystalwolflady says:

    Susan I’m still reading, your book has so much in it takes time to digest…but I’m at the part where you’re in prison and they refused to let you out and let your Uncle visit you!!!
    And McCain one of the vilest people around I thought he was evil for foisting Palin on us…little did I know!
    I’ve seen your youtubes and I’m so glad you stayed brave and didn’t let them break your spirit. As someone mentioned above you are a Hero!
    I know it would be fruitless to talk with congress (now) but is there anything we can do as American’s to lobby for
    -Repeal of Patriot act
    -stop the forced drugging
    -close down prison like carswell
    What can we do? Or is the usa too far gone? 😦

    • All very good questions. We can vote. We can educate each other. And we’ve got to speak up and demand that politicians who lie to the people shall be held responsible. I was arrested, so that Congress could hide the truth from the public. That’ the place to start!

  37. Nick Lake says:

    I went to a bookstore today in Peace River Alberta Canada. I went in to order your book the owner asked me what it’s about I told him he looked at me and said “Oh your one of them truth fags”. I laughed at him said yes I am and proud of it and walked out. I will get your book elsewhere. Thanks to Scott Ledger on radioio.com Dangerous Conversation for waking me up so I can dive head first into the rabbit hole, without them I would not have heard your story. Thank you.

    • Thanks for having the guts not to back down! Very cool, Nick! You can get Extreme Prejudice off Amazon, with discount pricing! They’re all wrong if they think this issue is going away! The fraud of the War on Terrorism is becoming more widely understood, and once you’ve got the facts, they can’t lie to you again!

  38. […] “EXTREME PREJUDICE By Susan Lindauer” Extreme Prejudice (10 October 2010). https://extremeprejudiceusa.wordpress.com/2010/10/10/extreme-prejudice-by-susan-lindauer/. Like this:LikeBe the first to like this […]

  39. JJ says:

    Are you thinking about translating your book to sell an spanish version? There’s sooo many people I would like to give one of your books…please think about it. Thanks

    • Hi Jorge, Just got back from a fantastic trip to Lebanon! I would love to translate Extreme Prejudice into Spanish, also Arabic & French. I’ve got requests from all over the planet (literally) to make this truth available to the people! It feels so gratifying after the troubles that I have survived! Maybe we’re going to prevail over the “bad guys” after all!

      • Lawrence says:

        Hi Susan, you know, I read your book from cover to cover. I know Chinese, but I don’t know if you can make something out of that.

        • lawrence says:

          Hi Susan, I found something which might interest you. A search of your name on China’s top search engine Baidu yielded just three references to you in Chinese news. I thought you might want to know what bizarre things the news in China were reporting about you.

          http://big5.china.com.cn/chinese/zhuanti/649601.htm This one (9/1/2004), entitled, “The arrest of Sadam’s sleeper agents in the US”, talks about you under the sub-section “Beautiful woman spy” (!?). It describes your arrest in just one paragraph. It says that Manhattan court claimed that you were in contact with a FBI agent posing as a Libyan agent and provided him with Congress’ important information (!? Congress?? What happened to the Lockerbie docs). It then says you were accused of illegal contact with the two sons of the former Iraqi Ambassador to the US (?! Where did that come from??) It then says you received 10,000 dollar from Sadam’s regime (well, we have all heard that).

          http://big5.china.com.cn/chinese/zhuanti/515227.htm This one (3/12/2004) gives the same story about your arrest on fictitious charge as in the American media. It concludes: “Lindauer’s neighbors have different opinions on her. Some said she was an ordinary woman, walking her dogs morning and afternoon. No one expected her to be a spy. Some said she lives in her day dream” (!? LOL)

          http://www.taikang.com/XXZX/ABC/bxwx/t20060927_18678.shtml The third is nothing significant, it seems. The guy is talking about his insurance court case in NY and it seems that he was in the same court house as you were when you were seeing judge Mukasey.

          I kept laughing when I read the two news clips. Just thought you may be interested to know what stupid rumors you are up against in the world.

          • At least the Chinese thought I was “beautiful>” Can’t complain! They’re correct that my two co-defendants were sons of an Iraqi diplomat— And they correct that Mukasey heard the 9/11 Insurance Case in the same cortroom & the same days that I was in Court for my case. That’s significant, because I kept telling Mukasey that my team gave advance warning about 9/11. And the FBI desperately denied authenticating my 9/11 warning— in order to protect Larry Silverstein’s insurance claim for $2 to $3 billion …. Ah, you gotta love the Feds!

        • Grega Jesih says:

          Hi Ms. Lindauer.

          I watched your speach filmed over jour Seattle speach. I have been also following the whole story since the french 1st book over Pentagon that initially made me think.
          Your testimonial gives me hope the story will unfold to the needed critical mass which would someday start the unfolding by official reinvestigation of the whole 9/11, not to speak of the rest.

          Sending you some good energy from Slovenija.


  40. Rosalea says:

    What an inspiration you are. It gives me hope. Many days I thought I was the only female in the world enduring violent attacks to destroy me and what I have been through for 44 years in samll town Kansas but it is nothing compared to what you have endured. I am now 75 years old and may not liver long enough to see justice served, but at least I tried and will keep trying till the day I
    die, thanks to courageous women like you. There is absolutely no support network to deal with the immense corruption in small town Kasnas but I am thankful every day for the Internet. Thank you for what you have done to help women everywhere.

    • I just wish I had answers, Rosalea, for how Americans can break this cycle of political corruption. How do we save our country? I’m convinced that we’re in a great deal more trouble, with much more severe consequences than most of us comprehend, including myself. I Just got back from Lebanon– a gorgeous country, so resilient and unified after decades of war. A teacher I met took her students to plant trees in the South, where the worst fighting occurred. And I visited this lush green landscape of olive groves, and 10 years it was brown pockmarked with mortar shells & land mines. That is the most fought land over on the Whole Earth. Yet the Christians and the Muslims show tremendous tolerance and respect for one another’s beliefs. I was amazed. And they’re rebuilding the shattered society.

      And I kept asking myself, could Americans do the same?

      • TheHolyCrow says:

        Keep up the good work and never back down (I know you won’t).
        Maybe we will see each other at a
        detention center someday. I myself
        was mildly harrassed and assaulted
        last month at our towns 911 victim
        Memorial ceremony. Some brown-
        Shirt knuckle dragger didn’t like my
        Architects & Engineers Explosive
        Evidence tee shirt and got in my face.
        SOMEBODY got the entire episode on digital media. So, in a small way,
        I know how you must have felt during
        your ordeal. An F word or two slipped
        out of me too. Laughing Out Loud, F’em if they can’t take a joke, I’ll always say. BTW, I hope you sue those bastiges for everything they got.

        • Keep on rockin’ in the Free World, my friend— Our country needs us both!

          • TheHolyCrow says:

            You can take this with a shaker full of
            Salt, but years ago, maybe 2006 or 2007, I
            Can’t remember, but online somewhere there was a recording of one of the hijackers talking to an air traffic controller. It was very hard to understand with all the static and interference, but it seemed to me that the hijacker said, “we are going to Atlantic City and when we land we will give you a list of our demands”.
            Just thought you might like to know. Maybe you can find that transmission and listen to it yourself. I remember I sent a link for it to my uncle, but he has since passed, and the puter I sent it on has since crashed. But I still have it.

            • Sort of reminds me of the Mayor of Cincinnatti or Cleveland, who greeted Flight 93 on the tarmac. The press conference announcing they all arrived safely was never reported again. 😀 big grin

              actually it would make perfect sense— if a CIA Asset like Mohammed Atta on the U.S. side— recruited, trained & financed them— then identified a false target, knowing very well that the handler was passing over GPS coordinates for the towers instead. Then Atta makes an excuse for getting on a different plane. Atta might have been fooled by his own handlers. They can be such cold bastards.

              That rings true to me.


  41. richard brock says:

    hello susan! i have watched your videos and i must say you are an unbelieveable woman to say the least!You have woken up alot of people and i for one am truly grateful !! Is this the only website that you have and how does one keep up with what your doing or where you might be appearing next or maybe a book signing? thank you so much for having the guts to tell your story!

    • Thank you, Richard! Since you ask… I am about to launch a non-profit dedicated to anti-war & justice issues. I’m still scratching my head for a title— I”ll know when I hear it! And then I will announce it! Sort of a nail biter watching the November Presidential Sweepstakes. What the future holds for our country will directly influence what I do next!

      • richard brock says:

        i am so honored with your quick reply is this the only site where i can follow whats going on with you are you on facebook or twitter? you are such an inspiration to many people thank you!!

        • Not yet! I publish lots of articles on the blogs– but right now I’m organizing my next stage of life— When that launches, I’m sure I”ll have a website, but nothing yet.

  42. richard brock says:

    im in california and would love to come hear you speak if you come my way thanks again for telling the truth and taking a stand for what is right god bless you if theres anything i can do to help please let me know

  43. Raymond Linner says:

    For Susan Lindauer: Thank you for signing your Book which i ordered;a very personel touch which impressed me. Unusual in this impersonal World! Wish you much success in disseminating the TRUTH and GOD’s hand over you. I am not a particularly Reigious person now, but, I do believe in another World and that those that thirst for blood will be perfectly sated. I also that Peacemakers are “Blessed”. I passed on information to my Congressmen in Utah and recieved a decent letter from Senator Hatch whom I remember from my youth. It did not address critical points however, which you bring up. Enough said. Computer shut down several times investigating Twin Towers. NSA building a facility in SLC. Also enough said.Hahaha gotta laugh! Again, GOD bless. Ray

  44. Lara says:

    I will share this article

  45. Alex says:

    Hi Susan – I’m about to finish reading your book right now and wanted to tell you how important it is for me. A few things I just don’t get: how come your enemies were able to smear your reputation and get you jailed as they did, without you being able to strike back. Isn’t there any possibility for you to get justice in the US? Normally (i.e. in civilized countries) the State is liable for such actions of his agents, at the very least you should get some serious compensation for what you went through. Also: the wikipedia page about you is quite negative, can’t you get it corrected? I hope your truth eventually reaches the millions it deserves, what happened to you is just too absurd otherwise. I wish you all the best, Alex.

    • Yeah, lots of people have tried to correct Wikipedia. It’s pure garbage. A good lawsuit might change their minds, but I’m too poor to hire an attorney. Maybe someday.

  46. Lola says:

    You’ve made some decent points there. I looked on the net for more info about the issue and found most people will go along with your views on this site.

  47. Leslie says:

    Amazing story, I see everything much more clearly now because of your’s and other truth revealing books.
    I dedicate a recent Facebook argument of mine to you and would be happy to share with you the contents. As a fellow female who attended grad school in Economics, thank you for your work and for standing up for our Constitution. It’s beyond terrifying when those elected to uphold the Constution rip it to shreds.
    Additionally, I’m curious on your take on Boston, as the home to home armed searches and handcuffing of a naked man were in gross violation of citizen’s constitutional rights.

  48. ExtremePrejudice says:

    A search for Extreme Prejudice the band sent me here.
    I found them here: http://www.extremeprejudicenj.com
    Good book, tho. 🙂

  49. i gave you my email address with a request that you send a description of your problem. Based on what you send me, I will look at your situation and consider if there’s anything I can suggest.

    • Edie says:

      Hi Susan,
      I’ve asked you about how to contact you personally on here a couple times in the last week or two, but don’t remember which threads it was under. So here I am again, finding that you’ve offered contact info to someone else on here. This time I will remember this thread and follow it for a response. Is there any way to contact you personally? I’d prefer not to explain why publicly.
      Thanks for any feedback.

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  51. rich says:

    hello susan i didnt know where else to put this or ask this but i figured with your knowledge of iraq maybe you might know something im sure you’ve heard of this investment with the iraqi dinar and many people are invested in it and waiting for them to “revalue” or even raise the value of their money via some kind of float in your opinion do you ever think they will raise the value of their money or is this another scam put out that will never come to pass thanks susan keep doing what your doing!!

    • Rich, that’s a huge scam! Stay with Iraqi Dinars! Don’t give them $1 of your money!

    • Aloha from offshore Vulcan Bankster Sovereign Fantasy Islands, gateway to Asia Pacfic: “Look Boss, de Planes”….or “A New Perle Harbor”? Many Hawaii residence we know invested tens of thousands of dollars in the Iraqi dinar, greedly being promoted by the Bush-Cheney Wall Street de-regulatory Regime. Like Dubya’s daddy, Bush 41’s generation, hoping to capitalize from lucrative U.S. investments in Casino Jack Abramoff’s stealth sweat shop South Pacific…..after WW 11 in post U.S. occupied Japan with the Yen. Paul Breamer’s bags of cash investments with a Iraqi Government in disarray and now a closer ally to Iran’s Shite government with a new Arab Springtime from the Rockies [AIPAC Moles associated to the “101st Congressman”] is another Chickenhawk PNAC Pipe dream. American forces being “greeted” as “Liberators” contributes to their perpetual truth or dare lies for the “Greatest Story Never Told for The Greatest Bamboozle Story Ever Sold” The 9/11 WTC Leasehold Tenants colluded with their inside Zionist Government Infiltrated Moles: Catch a stealth NSA Wave: “Eddie [Snowden] Would Go”! Serfs Up? Book ’em Danno! Catbird Veterans of Foreign and Domestic Interior “Land & Power” Wars from the “Broken Trust” eye of the vanishing Malaysian Tiger: http://www.bowstring.net http://www.kycbs.net http://www.almartinraw.com http://www.vuft.org http://www.MarchForward.org http://www.ussliberty.org Veterans Today.com Veterans For Peace

        • TheHolyCrow says:

          Just got word that Attorney David Meiswinkle, founder of NJ911Aware.org, has just filed a 52 page complaint with the SCI to trigger another 911 investigation. His organization is closely associated with and sanctioned by Architects & Engineers for 911 Truth (AE911Truth.org). Susan, get ready to testify under oath for the world to hear. Your story could be pivotal, and extremely important.

  52. TheHolyCrow says:

    In my humble opinion, weather or not they subpoena you to testify will be the litmus test. If they fail to call you then you will know that the coverup continues. And I hope they subpoena Zelikow too and have him answer for his role in scuttling the facts from seeing the light of day. His passport should be rescinded as of last week, along with all the other rats who would like to make a hasty exit. I’m sure we can think of many, some of whom have vast acreage in Paraquay, and others who have dual citizenship in other parts of the world. If this ball gets rolling, under the RICO laws our national debt could be paid off after the clawback.

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    • Go for it! I’m honored!

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        On Tue, Jul 8, 2014 at 6:13 AM, EXTREME PREJUDICE wrote:

        > slindauer2010 commented: “Go for it! I’m honored!” >

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